You Have Been Chipping Wrong Your Entire Life

If you are struggling with your golf short game, you may be making some of these common mistakes. Fortunately, a better short game golf swing is not that hard to attain.

In this video, we give you some simple golf tips to help you get a better setup, improve your chipping motion and finish with 2 simple golf chipping drills to help you play your best golf!

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You have most likely been told that the secret to chipping is to position the handle of your club out in front of the golf ball. It is also likely that this advice has hurt your chip shots.

When you hold the handle out in front of the ball, you de-loft the club. That is to say, you tilt the clubface so it is more or less perpendicular to the ground. This advice also causes you to negate the bounce.

By tilting the face of the club forward, the curve that creates bounce completely disappears. While you technically can chip this way, you do so with a much smaller margin of error, as the club will not bounce through the turf.

In other words, when you follow this advice, you have to hit to the ball in the exact right spot at the exact right moment in order to get a decent chip.

Very common advice suggests that a solid chip shot requires you to set the ball back further in your stance, away from the target and possibly even behind your trail foot. However, this setup is likely to force the handle forward, which, as we know, will cause you to tilt your clubface forward as well, eliminating the loft and negating the bounce.

“Hit down on the ball…”

To be clear, that is not correct.

Now the club has a descending blow as it makes contact with the ball, this is true. Technically, the club travels down as it moves into impact, yes. But hitting “down” on your chips is not the correct way to be thinking of your chipping. You need to be thinking about hitting your chips with a descending blow. Down and through is more appropriate.

By understanding that you need to hit down and through your chips, the club won’t get stuck at impact. You hopefully won’t be digging the club into the turf as you come into impact. Down and through the chip, utilizing both the effective loft and bounce.


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