Workers plant palm trees along Trump Florida golf course to block view

Summer Vacations Destinations – Campgrounds Near Home Or State Parks of Other Countries

Have you considered camping for your summer vacation? Camping is an activity that really celebrates the adventure of the great outdoors. But it certainly is not for everyone. There are great camping locations all over the world. This article explores the possibilities of camping in the great outdoors.

Enhance Your Game With Online Golf Lessons

With only a few minutes a day of accumulating experience online, it is possible to bring a lot of helpful tips onto the course. Just remember to begin with the basic principles, so you will have an excellent foundation on which to develop your game.

Golf Tips – Straighten a Push

In golf, the word “Push” is used to describe a drive where the golf ball flies in a straight line to the right of the intended target. No one likes this, so here are a few things that will help your swing.

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Golf Lessons – How to Have the Proper Golf Grip

It is just a wonderful view to watch golf players swing at their golf clubs effortlessly and allow the ball to soar and spin beautifully in the air. For those who have just started golfing, one thing you will really have to pay attention to in practicing is your golf swing. Acquiring golf lessons will let you exercise your swing form with expert guidance.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How to Use Simple Psychology in Golf to Quickly Build Confidence in Golf

Read this article to gain insight into how psychology in golf can be applied to building one’s confidence in golf. Includes specific guidance on forming mechanical skills and making them habits.

Wedge Launch Ping Tour-S

When The R&A announced they were implementing a restriction on the volume and sharpness of grooves to place greater emphasis on accuracy over power, manufacturers were being asked to take a step into the unknown. Predicting the impact of the rule on trends within the market both before and after its implementation was virtually impossible. So while some manufacturers have urged customers to stock up on high-spinning wedges, Ping’s approach has been to introduce their new, conforming design sooner rather than later, so here they are-Ping’s new Tour-S wedges.

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How to Lower Your Golf Score by This Weekend

Using a few simple tricks, we’ve been able to zero in on exactly what makes all the difference in a great golf swing and a bad one. Read this article and I guarantee you’re shots will improve and your scores will drop!

Where to Look For Intelligent Golf Swing Help

Almost anyone, from amateurs to pros, could use golf swing help at some level or other. The most important thing is to make sure that the tips received actually fall under the description of “HELP.” Far too many people may initially think that they are getting some assistance from another golfer or instructor, but it turns out that it only adds more frustration to their golf swing woes.

When to Play Aggressively on the Golf Course – And When Not To

There’s no reason to take unnecessary chances on the golf course. Courting danger when you don’t have to isn’t smart golf. On the other hand, always playing safe can be a rut that prevents you from shooting lower scores that you really are capable of. In some situations you definitely want to attack; in others, lay back. Here’s how to know the difference.

Three Short Game Shots You Need to Have

The short game presents you with an amazing variety of situations and shots you can use from them. About ninety percent of the short game, though, comes down to just three basic shots — the greenside chip, the chip from twenty yards, and the chip from fifty yards. Here’s how to hit each one so you can get the ball on the green and start putting.


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