Will A Golf Club Chipper Make You A Better Golfer?




Do I Need A Golf Club Chipper?


This is a quick review of what I found out about Golf Club Chippers.


What Are The Types Of Golf Clubs?

There are many types of golf clubs, each designed for a specific purpose. There are woods, irons, hybrids and drivers, among others.


Do I Need More Than One Type Of Golf Club?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best golf clubs for a particular player will vary depending on their individual swing, stance, and golfing abilities. However, some golfers may benefit from using a metal-shafted club, while others may prefer using a wood-shafted club. Additionally, different kinds of golf balls can be used with different clubs, so it is important to try out different clubs and balls to see what works best for you.


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This is a review of a golf club chipper just purchased :


The video has all the details.


This, my friends, regular grip, looks good, regular shaft. It is a Wilson Prostaff chipper, so I got my first chipper Never had a chipper before I tried one recently and that’s why i bought this because it was so easy to hit.


That was my first ever chip on the course with my Wilson chipper. It went pretty close to the flag, I’m very happy with that.


Now I am outside on the chipping green to test my Wilson Prostaff SGI chipper. So, let’s see if I can chip better with this. When using a chipper use your normal putting stroke, So no flippy hands nothing like that.


Let’s talk about the specs on this club. It is a 36 degree loft, so it has 36 degrees here, Which is the same as most 8-irons.It has a regular steel shaft and the same length as a putter, So probably around 34 inches.


That’s the regular size of most putters, It also has a regular sized grip. It is a round grip. As long. As you have the round grip, you can play with a chipper in tournaments If you like, you can play with them on the PGA tour.


That was hard, okay but, that’s, okay! I could putt that Okay, this one. Oh that’s good! Oh Look at that! Can’t get closer than that, though, I’m getting better at it.


Let’s take the chipper out on the course and play 18 holes and see how many times it saves me from embarrassing myself.


My personal opinion about having a chipper. First of all, I really like it, and I don’t care that other people look down on chippers? This is a golf club that is legal to use in tournaments and I’m going to use everything that I can to get a lower score and to have more fun out on the course. If a chipper can help me do that, I’m going to use it.


So I would highly recommend just trying one. Check Them Out Here: https://golf-golf.com/chippers-for-golf




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