Where Should You Aim Your Drives?

Hitting your driver without a specific target in mind is common. But why would you?

I have a question for you; have you ever gotten in your car and started to drive without having a destination? My guess is no. But how about this, have you ever hit a golf shot with no real target in mind? If you’re like most weekend golfer you do multiple times EVERY round.

See, all of us have a tendency when it comes to golf; even the best players in the world curve the golf ball. The real key is knowing what that tendency (curve) is and then picking a target that provides the largest margin of error. Sound simple right?

Let’s take the most common tendency, a slice. Yes the dreaded banana ball! I know, we all hate that shot but it’s time to deal with a little reality. If your normal shot shape (tendency) is for the ball to slice; then simply pick a target that will allow your golf ball to take its natural course and finish at the target. DON’T fight it-Play it! It’s that easy.

Now, I want you to watch this video where I will give you additional information on this simple concept of picking a target based on your tendency. It’s time to begin playing YOUR game!

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