What You Should Know About Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

There are several different types of Golf Clubs, each designed for a specific purpose. Long irons, for example, are mostly used for shorter shots that do not require much loft or bounce. They also have smaller and thinner clubheads than woods. Another type of Golf Club is a hybrid, which combines the best of both types of clubs to make the ideal golf club.

Early golf clubs were made entirely of wood

The very first golf clubs were made entirely of wood. This material was very tough and stiff, and it was often used to create the club head. These clubs were known as Troon Clubs and consisted of six woods and two irons. Wood was also used to make the balls. Until the 17th century, wood was the only material used to create golf balls. However, the popularity of the sport led to the introduction of factory-made golf clubs.

Modern golf clubs are made of metal

Golf clubs are mainly made of metal today. There are several different types of metal that are used to make golf clubs. Some of them are harder than others and some are softer. Stainless steel is usually the strongest type of metal used for golf clubs. The softer alloys are used in the irons and woods.

Shaft stiffness

The stiffness of a golf club shaft determines how easy it is to bend the club. A stiffer shaft requires more energy, while a softer one is more flexible. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no industry standard for shaft stiffness. Just as different brands and models of t-shirts have different measurements for a size large, the stiffness of a golf club shaft will vary, too.


Golfers should understand that the loft of their clubs determines how high the ball will fly and what kind of spin the ball will experience. Hence, it is important to choose the correct loft. Generally, a higher loft gives the ball a higher trajectory and more spin, while a lower loft gives it a lower trajectory and less spin. The right loft should also help the player to avoid problems such as ballooning the ball or not hitting the green.

Shaft kick

Your golf club’s shaft has a specific kick point which determines the trajectory of your ball. Golf clubs with a low kick point produce a lower trajectory, and those with a high kick point produce a higher trajectory.

Face-balanced putters

Face-balanced putters for golf are a great way to improve your putting stroke. These putters will help you line up to the hole more accurately and hit more putts. A face-balanced putter is ideal for golfers with a straight back stroke. Golfers with slight arcs should use a putter with a moderate amount of toe hang, while those with a larger arc should use a putter with more toe hang.

Wooden-headed clubs

A retrofitted wood-headed golf club is a replica of a traditional golf club. These are made to resemble the originals and must be manufactured prior to 1935. Although they may be modified slightly, these clubs must meet the specifications of the SoHG. The wooden shaft and leather-wrapped grips are required. They may also have weights on their heads. Replica golf clubs may use any approved ball, but it is recommended to use a softer compression ball.

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