What You Need to Look For in a Golf Club

Golf Clubs

Whether you play golf or not, you know that there are many different kinds of clubs out there. They range from the irons to the woods, the hybrids to the putters, and so on. These clubs are used by players for different purposes and for different reasons. It is important to understand what you need to look for in a golf club before you buy one.


Buying the right golf club can make a big difference in your game. For example, a five wood is ideal for fairway shots, while a hybrid is a good choice for hitting from tough lies. A player should learn the differences between the two so that they can choose the right club for the right situation.

The two hybrids are designed to be easier to hit than a five wood. They also offer players greater control and more consistent shots. They’re also more versatile and allow players to launch the ball higher and lower, making them better for use in tough lies.


Among the many golf clubs, irons are perhaps the most ubiquitous. They form the bulk of a golfer’s arsenal, and are used for a variety of purposes. They are most commonly used for approach shots to the green. They also help get a golfer off the tee. They are often sold in sets of up to nine irons.

The ol’ iron has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Modern day irons are multi-material, meaning they are manufactured from a variety of metals. Some irons have metal on the front and back of the clubhead, while others have the weight on the inside or outside of the clubhead. These changes make the irons more forgiving and enable players to hit a wider variety of shots.


Originally called rescue clubs, hybrids are iron replacements that deliver a similar cut-through to a long iron, while providing extreme forgiveness. They are designed to improve your game by making your swing more efficient and easy to control.

Hybrids are similar in size and shape to a fairway wood, but have a higher loft, which means they lift the ball in the air. The added weight also increases the force of the clubhead, helping to speed up the ball’s flight. The increased loft and length of a hybrid’s shaft may also help to improve your distance.


Whether you are playing the game of golf or merely browsing the latest golf apparel, a quality putter is a must have. A well chosen and properly balanced putter can save a lot of frustration and ensure a smooth golfing experience. In addition to this, a putter can also be a great tool to learn a few new golf tips and techniques.

There are three main types of putters; a standard, a premium and an upscale model. The most popular of these is the standard, which can be characterized as an underrated club that offers the most for your money. A quality putter also entails proper fitting and alignment, which is crucial to a smooth swing.


Several materials, including metals, composite materials, and other fibrous materials, have been used to produce shafts for golf clubs. The conventional shaft material is tubular and circular in cross section. Normally, the stiffness of the shaft is reduced at a fairly uniform rate from the butt-end to the tip-end.

Shafts with increased flexibility may also have small regions of increased stiffness between the increased flexibility zone and the clubhead. The region upstream of the tip-end is generally considered the low-stiffness zone. EI values for this region can range from 5 to 10 N*m2. In some shafts, an attachable stiffener can be used to provide a greater stiffness to this region.

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