Welcome to Aly’s Golf Studio – simple & easy golf warm up & fitness, golf swing, drills and feels.

See what is in store for this channel. Based on 4 years of dedicated work, research (including consulting clinical exercise specialists) testing, practice and experience to dramatically improve my golf game and enhance my enjoyment of it but also to last for many years to come already being a senior golfer.

This channel is also aimed at senior golfers who would like to learn an easy pain free golf swing, improve their game and enjoy it even more. If you just want to play the best you can with what you have, then a few key adjustments combined with simple easy agility, flexibility and rotation fitness exercises will be key to such success!! I’ll cover also some of the easiest golf drills to add such and even distance to your swing. I look forward to hearing about your progress just as it has made such a difference to me.

Furthermore, I will introduce some of the best and easiest drills you can do – and I use with success- to build an effortless swing. In the process I will share also some lessons learned from fittings that I have experienced and adapted. And review and demonstrate some key golf tools, gadgets and aids that I have found effective and recommend.

Equally important to know about and use are simple and affective warm up stretches and exercises that will improve your golf game and help with reducing aches and pains and hopefully also reduce the likelihood of serious injuries. Warming up your muscles and your body as a whole before your round is critical to avoid early mistakes and enhance your consistency of flexibility and agility in your golf swing.

As such, there will be a number of series covering:

1. Fitness, Agility, Strengthening and Flexibility – Exercises for warm ups; cardio; and core amongst others. On the types of exercises I suggest rotating cardio, weights and intensive or fast walking on three different days. Take one day break and repeat. I also suggest choosing about ten at least of each (viz. cardio or weights) and varying or substituting or adding to them not only to keep it interesting but also to work different muscles groups over time. For instance after one month of a set or routine you may want to replace at least five or so of the cardio or weights exercises respectively for the next month and so on reverting perhaps to the original set in the third or fourth month.

2. Tips, Drills and Feels – drawn from many sources and whittled down to those that I have found most useful with adjustments where appropriate tailored to senior golfers. I will also point to others’ clips which I think would be pertinent and most helpful and that I also use, subscribe to and follow.

3. Tools and Aids – from Apps, to Video, to simple golf tools like alignment aids that have proved most helpful and that I use also. Again whittled down from many over the years that I have bought, used, tested and eliminated down to the best I have found. As appropriate I will also do some in depth reviews and assessments of some of these apps and tools.

4. Other Experiences and Learnings – from top custom golf fittings and fitting process (to fundamentally achieve more distance, better consistency, accuracy, launch, spin and contact), equipment reviews, to visual stories of golf and golf courses/resorts.

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Just to add that my goal is to help you through my experience so I will not recommend a product, service, process or approach unlessI myself have used it personally and which I have also researched received feedback on from other professionals I trust, including clinical exercise specialists.

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