Used Golf Balls for Callaway Mix (Warbird, Superhot, HX Diablo, Other Models) – Mint Condition (5A)

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Play with the top golf ball for almost half of the price of a new one! This listing contains 5A balls, which means that you will receive our recycled golf balls in the best condition possible: will not include balls with scuffs, blemishes, or practice, x-out balls. May contain slight pen or ink markings, Corporate or Team logos.
Play with one of the top golf ball brands: this mix will contain golf balls from the brand Callaway. It may include the following models: Big Bertha, Warbird, HX Diablo, Magna, Superhot Series and others. The proportion of each model may vary.
Golf Balls in excellent condition: 5A Golf Balls are the best graded by our team. That way you can play with used Golf Balls that look like a new one, but for a much lower price.
These will NOT have scuffs, slight discoloration, or blemishes. Slight pen or ink marks are possible. Will NOT include Practice or x-out balls and may contain Corporate or Team Logos.
Ecofriendly product: by buying this product you will be contributing to reduce the number of waste left on the planet. All of our golf balls are bought from American furnishers and recycled in the USA.
Packaging of the product may vary. The golf balls may come in the following packages: mesh bag, polybag, or paperboard box. These will NOT come in a bucket package.
List Price: $34.99

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