Types of Golf Clubs For Beginners

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are important equipments that will help you improve your game. Beginners should start with golf clubs that will aid in hitting the ball farther. For beginners, hybrids are an ideal choice because they allow for wiggle room when hitting the ball. In addition, golfers should also consider wedges, a subset of irons that can help players hit low-distance shots accurately. There are four different types of wedges.

Fairway woods

The Fairway wood is one of the most versatile clubs in the golf arsenal. Depending on the hole, it can be used for control shots off the tee or for long approach shots from the fairway. It is also a great choice for players who have a good lie in the rough. And it is useful to use as your second club when playing par-3 or par-5 holes.


There are many different types of irons for golf. A good set will have a few different irons in different lofts, and each of these irons can be used to improve your overall game. Some irons are better for a beginner and some are for experienced players. The type of iron that you choose will depend on what your goals are for your game.


Hybrids in golf clubs have numerous advantages. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes, from chipping to putting. They are a popular choice among golfers, and can help them clear obstacles on the course.


Woods golf clubs are made from wood. These clubs come in a variety of lofts, with the driver having the lowest loft, around nine to thirteen degrees. They are generally sold individually, though you can also buy matched sets. In most golf sets, you will have a driver and one or two fairway woods.


Drivers of golf clubs are used almost exclusively when hitting the ball from the teeing ground. The use of a tee is advantageous for most golfers because it will position the ball in the center of a large sweet spot. However, the height of the tee varies according to the golfer’s preferences and the conditions.

Super game improvement clubs

Super game improvement clubs for golf are a great choice for beginners looking to improve quickly. These clubs are designed with a low center of gravity and forgiving clubheads. This gives a golfer a straighter, higher ball flight. Although some golfers do not like the feel of cast irons, a beginner or high handicapper won’t notice a difference.

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