Trends in Golf Clothes

While golf may be seen as the sport of snobbish, old folks who are more interested in maintaining their handicap than socializing with new friends, the truth is that there’s a whole host of stylish options for golf clothing. Not only are men’s golf shorts now more comfortable than ever, but women have a plethora of golf shirts and skorts to choose from too.

The thing that most golf clothes focus on is comfort. The sport involves a lot of walking and you’re going to be on the course for hours at a time, so anything that helps keep you cool, comfy and dry is going to help you enjoy yourself much more. This is why so many golf clothing brands focus on breathable fabrics that can move sweat away from the body, as well as being able to stretch and flex with your movements. It’s also why most golf apparel is designed to be loose fitting, to give your legs some room to move and avoid chafing after four hours of playing.

One of the biggest trends in golf clothes is the rise of technical fabrics that offer a whole host of benefits, from UV protection to anti-odor and moisture-wicking capabilities. While these materials aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as traditional cotton, they’re light, airy, flexible and able to wick away sweat. And as such, they’re the fabric of choice for most golfers today.

As a result of the growing emphasis on performance, golf clothing has become incredibly sophisticated. This is why many people prefer to play in high-end sportswear, rather than the jeans that are fine for other athletic pursuits but will feel hellishly uncomfortable and heavy after a few holes on the links. One such brand that focuses on both fashion and performance is Peter Millar, which offers everything from polos to pants to shoes.

Those looking for something less sophisticated and more traditional should look at the range from Mizzen and Main, the brand that Phil Mickelson wears in PGA events. They offer a full range of men’s golf clothes that combines classic button downs with modern techy fabrics for the ultimate in comfort and style.

In terms of footwear, a smart pair of soft spike shoes is usually recommended, but there are plenty of alternatives to go for too. From Nike to Skechers, there’s a wide selection of shoes available for golfers that are stylish, lightweight and able to enhance your game.

While the golf clothing industry is still dominated by the PGA Tour Superstore, there are also a growing number of smaller, streetwear-focused labels that are making golf clothes cool. Some of these brands re-envision vintage silhouettes, like Bogey Boys, founded by Grammy award winning artist Macklemore, while others take a more retro approach, like the golf apparel from adidas.

Whatever your personal style, there’s a huge range of golf clothes on the market for you to pick from. Just don’t turn up in your gym, cargo or soccer trousers (unless your club has a really relaxed dress code) and be sure to wear a polo shirt, golf shoes and a smart belt.

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