Top Ten Best Nutrition for golf fitness, longevity, & reduced injury

Top Ten Nutrition golf fitness, golf longevity, reduce risk of injury

I present the top ten nutrition tips to improve your golf game, to be better fit for golf, to have an effective long golf life, to enjoy the game more, to reduce your handicap, to reduce risks of injury and aches and pains.

As mentioned here is a sample list of highly alkaline and acidic foods:

Highly alkaline
1. Fresh Coconut Water
2. Arugula
3. Beets
4. BasilCapsicum/Pepper
5. Cabbage
6. Lettuce
7. Carrot
8. Chives
9. Collard/Spring GreensCoriander
10. Endive
11. Ginger
12. Green Beans
13. Leeks
14. Lettuce
15. Mustard Greens
16. Okra
17. Radish
18. Red Cabbage
19. Red Onion
20. Turnip
21. Zucchini
22. Lemon
23. Lime
24. Rhubarb
25. Butter Beans
26. Lima Beans
27. Soy Beans (fresh)
28. White (Navy) Beans
29. Chia/Salba Seeds
30. Hemp Seeds

Highly Acidic (and to be reduced or avoided)
1. Alcohol
2. Coffee & Black TeaFruit Juice (sweetened)
3. Cocoa
4. Honey
5. Jam
6. Jelly
7. Mustard
8. Miso
9. White Rice
10. Syrup
11. Vinegar
12. Yeast
13. Dried Fruit
14. Beef
15. Chicken
16. Eggs
17. Farmed Fish
18. Pork
20. Cheese
21. Dairy
22. Artificial Sweeteners
23. Syrup
24. Mushroom

If you wish to see some good guidance on diet and nutrition from the Canadian Golf Association see

Just to add that my goal is to help you through my experience so I will not recommend a product, service, process or approach unless I myself have used it personally and which I have also researched received feedback on from other professionals I trust, including clinical exercise specialists.

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