Top Brands for Men’s Golf Clothes

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If you play golf, chances are you know the importance of wearing the right clothes. You’ll want to wear polos, pants, shorts and other clothing that fits the standards of the game. And you’ll also want to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit your body well.

Choosing the right golf clothes is important to ensure that you can perform your best and have the most fun. While the dress code may seem rigid, there are plenty of brands that make golf clothing that will meet any dress code and help you stay stylish on the course.


One of the biggest names in casual apparel, Japanese brand Uniqlo has a range of dedicated golf gear for men that will have you playing in style and comfort on every hole. Their Dry-Ex fabric technology offers breathability, moisture-wicking and a lightweight feel that will allow you to move freely while playing.

Galvin Green

When it comes to golf, there’s no brand more synonymous with performance than this German-based company. Their clothing is designed for players who love the game and combines high-quality fabrics with innovative engineering to help you reach your goals on the course.

Travis Mathew

Taking the time to find the perfect clothing for your game will give you the confidence and flexibility to play better and have more fun on the course. Whether you’re looking for a polo shirt, hoodie or jacket, Travis Mathew offers a range of colors, fabrics and styles to keep you looking sharp and feeling comfortable during your next round of golf.


Another name that will be familiar to many a golfer is Player2. These golf polos are designed with the player in mind, and are engineered to stretch comfortably and support movement of all kinds, allowing you to swing freely and hit the ball as you please.


Much like their ski gear, Bogner is a luxury brand that offers players bold designs with technical-advanced fabrics and materials to suit all needs. Their golf collection consists of a range of polo shirts, shorts and trousers in a variety of colours and designs that will stand out from the crowd.


Known for their activewear, Canadian company Lululemon has created a dedicated range of golfing gear that’s designed to suit the needs of this sport. Their polo shirts, shorts and pants are made from a combination of technical fabrics, including moisture-wicking and breathability to help you stay cool and dry throughout your round.


Radmor was founded by a veteran of the apparel industry and former pro who wanted to create clothes that are sustainable. They use no new polyester and instead focus on durable and organic materials that are biodegradable and will not damage the environment, which is an important issue for golfers.


If you’re looking for an alternative approach to golf clothes, then music mogul Macklemore has a great line of contemporary styles and prints. His company’s clothing is designed to be a little more playful than the usual, and his collections have helped make the game of golf more exciting for many players.

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