Top 5 Men’s Golf Clothes Recommendations

golf clothes

The clothing you wear on the golf course can make a difference on your scorecard. Whether you’re a casual or serious player, you need golf clothes that are comfortable and don’t inhibit movement.

Choosing the right golf clothes for you is important, and it can be a challenge because of the many different brands and styles available. Here are a few recommendations on what to look for:

Performance Clothes

The best golf clothes skim the body, offering freedom of movement so you can swing your club with ease. This style of clothing is also breathable, allowing you to play for longer periods without feeling uncomfortable.

Nike and Under Armour are great options for these type of garments, and both have a range of products that are designed for the needs of players. Their shirts are made from a blend of natural materials and technology that will keep you cool, comfortable, and dry while you’re on the course.


Having a high-quality polo shirt is essential for anyone who plays the game of golf. If you prefer a more classic style, Bogner has an excellent selection of cotton-blend pique shirts with preppy striping at the collar and sleeves.

These polo shirts can come in a variety of colors and feature a button-down or v-neck design. They’re also available in long and short sleeve versions.


Founded by a team of former professionals, this brand takes the same ethos as most modern golf clothing lines — they want to appeal to the golfer who doesn’t hit it perfectly every time. They make their polos with fabric that stretches so they can fit comfortably in all the ways you move on the course, ensuring you stay cool and dry while you play.

Travis Matthew

Known for their subtle designs, this brand’s sweater is a classic option for men who want to maintain their style on the course. It has a clean look with a small logo on the chest and offers a snug yet relaxed fit.


The vest is a staple of any good golf apparel collection and the Repeller from G/Fore is an excellent example of what makes this a top choice. The fabric is lightweight and breathable but still offers a lot of protection from the wind and it’s super soft too. It’s a great choice for a light layering piece that won’t hinder your movement on the course and it also has zipped side pockets which are a welcome addition.


If you are looking for a stylish golf shirt that you can pair with jeans, then look no further than this embroidered Adidas polo shirt. This item comes in a variety of colors and is made from a cotton-blend pique that is breathable and moisture-wicking.


This is an exciting brand that is bringing playful branding and creative curation to the game of golf. Their Instagram account is filled with amazing collaborations and their clothing line is a great place to start if you’re looking for some fresh new looks for your wardrobe.

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