Top 5 Brands for Men’s Golf Clothes

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The clothes you wear on the course can make a huge difference to your play. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing or just want to look great as you take a break from the course, it’s crucial to find the right golf apparel.


One of the world’s best-known sportswear brands, Nike offers a range of golf clothing that’s sure to help you perform on and off the green. Their Dri-FIT technology and modern designs wick away sweat and help you stay comfortable, so you can focus on the game.


Another high-performance brand, Bonobos takes its inspiration from the tradition of the game and allows you to move with flexibility while staying stylish. Their pieces skim the body, so you can control the way you move as you play.

Travis Mathew

For a sophisticated touch to your outfit, this California-based brand is perfect for blending a laid-back vibe with a winning mindset. Their breathable trousers and sophisticated polo shirts are designed to keep you looking sharp no matter the conditions on the course.


With their impressive selection of activewear, Lululemon has made a name for themselves as a fitness brand. However, they have expanded their line to include men’s golf apparel, offering a variety of shorts, pants, and polos.

Calvin Klein

While some of the clothes from this high-end athleticwear brand have a clean aesthetic, they also offer a supreme sporting edge that’s worn by some of the world’s top players. The result is a slew of next-level golf shirts, shorts, and accessories that you can’t miss.


The goal of this Swedish-based company is to provide golfers with the clothing they need to improve their game. They offer a range of golf pants and shorts in various styles that are perfect for both casual and formal play.

Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown is a classic golf brand that’s known for its tailored pieces that provide peak performance. The fabrics used in their apparel are crafted from the highest quality materials and they offer the best fit for every player.


For a stylish and functional outfit, this German-based brand has you covered. Their men’s and women’s golf clothes are crafted from engineered fabrics that provide a blend of style, comfort, and performance.

PGA Tour Superstore

With so many golfers and tournaments to attend, it can be hard to find an outfit that fits both your style and the demands of the game. The PGA Tour Superstore offers an expansive selection of men’s and women’s golf clothing, with everything from collared shirts to lightweight but tailored shorts and pants.

Unlike jeans, which are not allowed on most courses, golf pants are acceptable as long as they fall just above your kneecaps. You can even wear khaki-style pants for a more laid-back look, but you’ll need to ensure they have belt loops or you’ll be in breach of dress code.

The Golf Course Rules

While there aren’t many strict rules about what to wear at a golf course, you should be aware that the majority of them are meant to respect the people who are playing and to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the game without distraction. If you’re not sure what to wear, call the course before you arrive and ask about their dress code.

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