Top 11 Bundled Golf Communities in Naples Florida for 2020 (#2 Might Surprise You)

Golf – An Old Man’s Game?

I used to think that golf is a boring game for old men. The game just didn’t appeal to me at all. And I used to wonder why people hit the ball as far as they could just to go search for it.

Proper Golf Club Care From Grip to Club Face

Golf clubs can over time get quite dirty and considering we rely heavily upon the little details and features in our golf clubs this can mean our golf game could slowly begin to suffer. It’s therefore vitally important that we look after our golf club mainly because they will perform at their best but also remember how much money you spent on them in the first place…you won’t want them to get dirty or deteriorate after very little use.

The Amateur Golfer’s Handicap System Explained

Amateur golfers use a handicap approach, which registers the total of strokes over par a golf player shoots normally on average. For instance, a golfer with a handicap of 2 would shoot a 72 on average on a golf course with a par of 70. This evens the playing field amongst golfers with variable talent levels.

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Mastering a Pitch Shot for Any Distance You Need to Hit Your Shots

The pitch shot is one shot type you should spend time to master, it can help you in a wide range of situations whether it is a few feet off the green, a longer fairway shot or that final shot to get on the green of a par 5. Many golfers suggest that the key to mastering the pitch shot is down to two separate elements, getting the fundamentals right and developing a feel for different distances.

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Top Golf Tips for Mastering the Spin Shot

There are many golf professionals who will be able to hit the ball from the fairway and once it lands on the putting green instead of continuing on its planned course it does a complete 180 degree turn and rolls back towards the golfer, this kind of shot can look unnatural to many amateur golfers and they’ll no doubt wonder how they can add this to their arsenal of shots they can land and screw back on themselves. A lot of myths float about on how you can add spin to your shots, some people believe you need to be…

Prevent Golf Injuries Through Golf Strengthening Exercises

One of the most common issues with new golf players is a golf injury. It is quite common for amateur golfers to take it for granted that just knowing how to swing a golf club is enough to be safe from an injury. This article explains the importance of golf strengthening exercises in order to avoid common golf injuries.

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British Golfers Have Good Chances in This Year’s Open Championship

The best players in the golfing world are set to descend upon the Old Course at St Andrews which is playing host to this year’s Open Championship which looks set to be as hotly contested as in previous years. Last year’s nail biting conclusion saw veteran Tom Watson’s brilliant performance let down only by a final hole meltdown to Stewart Cink giving the American his first Open Championship at Turnberry.

Golf Tips to Help Make Perfect Contact With the Golf Ball

Golf requires a lot of skill but a lot of this can easily be learnt if you are an absolute beginner. The fundamentals of golf should not be a problem for you initially but some people can find they develop bad habits through lack of tuition or they have altered their swing or stance over time. These problems can be ironed out really easily by practicing proper form and before long your shots should begin to take shape again.

Practice Golf Swing – Why Swing Before Stepping Into the Golf Shot You Want to Hit?

Have you ever watched the best golfers in the world going through pre shot rituals including getting a feel for the shot they are about to play? In this article we give you the reason you very definitely want to have a practice swing if you want to program your mind for best performance and increase your good shots, score better and win more. Learn to do what the Professional golfers do after all they are the best so you should be learning from them if you want to play better.

Where to Shop For Women’s Golf Bags

There are several must-have golf equipment that a female golfer needs while on the course, and one of them is a women’s golf bag. It is a large, durable bag where you pack all necessary golf pieces like your set of clubs, balls, apparel, and other accessories.


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