Better Putting – How To Find the Right Speed

Good putting is all about speed. True, you need to have the right line, but after a certain distance away from the hole, getting the line close enough is all you need to do. Getting the speed right is what makes the difference between two putts and three.

Best Golf Irons

If you are an intermediate or advanced golfer, do you know which are the best golf irons and clubs to use for your level? An intermediate golfer is one that averages a score between 80 to 100. You need a club that will help you attain control while maximizing the distance. You need a club that will put the weight directly behind the ball to achieve this.

Lower Your Golf Score With These 3 Easy Putting Tips

In order to lower your golf score, you must become a better putter. It has been said that you should drive for show and putt for dough – truer words were never spoken. Practicing these 3 easy tips can bring you that much closer to your overall goal.

Jim Ferrier

In this day an age, a golfer who won one major throughout a long -and sometimes considered far too long- career might not seem to be such an accomplishment, but for Jim Ferrier, what he did on and off the course can be inspirational to almost any professional golfer. This Australian golfer began his golfing days under the guidance of his father who was a low handicap player. But first and foremost, Jim was actually a soccer player during his adolescent years. That is, until he severely broke his leg during a game. That injury left him with a limp he would endure for the rest of his life.

Proper Golf Attire For Men And Women

Following the right dress code in every sport ensures comfort and ease of mind. Almost all types of sports require the player to follow the dress code and if they will not, they will earn penalties or perhaps disqualification.

John Ball Jr

John Ball was a soft-spoken and shy person who does not have a great deal of commentary associated with him, but as a British golfer, his is considered one of the greatest amateur golfers of all time. He won eight British Amateur Championships and his American counterpart to this accomplishment would be Bob Jones, who came along more than forty years after John Ball.

Paul Runyan

Considered short for golfers, Paul Runyan measured in at 5 feet 7 inches, and while he didn’t have a tremendous long game, his short game was just about unparalleled by any of his peers. He is considered today to be one of the most influential short game players of all time and his techniques have been taught to thousands of golfers throughout the years.

Green Reading – How Grain Influences Your Putting

Apart from the slope and contours of the putting green, there are several other factors that influence the pace and direction your ball will travel in when green reading. One of those significant factors is the grain, so find out how this can impact your putting performance.

The Pendulum Putting Stroke Is The Easiest To Master

There are really only two putting strokes that are effective, the pendulum and the arcing putting stroke. Find out why the pendulum putting stroke is the easiest to master!

Putting Fundamentals for the Junior Golfer

In this article you will find out about the three putting strokes. Using the correct setup and swing path will increase accuracy as well as lower your overall scores.

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