Top 10 Golf Courses in Norway

Three Tips to Execute the Perfect Golf Swing

It took a lot of time before pro golfers managed to hook the perfect golf swing. It demanded a lot of patience and time, and of course, physical strain.

Beginner Golf Lessons – Tips on How to Play Golf

Golf is indeed a relaxing sport, but of course, it can also be exciting and a great way to unwind on a weekend. In fact, it can also improve your ability to concentrate and focus. If you are interested to play this game, there are beginner golf lessons that will help guide you which ones are to learn first.

Golf Swing Aids – 5 Swing Elements That You Should Use Them On

So many Golf Swing Aids available on the market today. Do they help? Absolutely, if you spend your hard earned cash on the right ones. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision as to which 5 Golf Swing Aids you should be looking at.

Regular Practice – Only Way To Control Your Golf Game Despite Adverse Natural Conditions

The list of top golfers in the world would be a lot longer if all the games were played under controlled environments and at a specific spot. Different golf courses have different physical setup and this naturally has a huge impact on your game. For example, a golf course that is situated close to the beach is obviously going to have a lot of wind during the morning and the evening.

Physical And Mental Fitness – Very Important To Become A Good Golfer

What steps should you take to improve your fitness and stamina so that you can play better golf? You should participate in some form of physical exercise. It does not matter whether you opt for kickboxing or plain jogging in the open.

Yamaha Golf Cart Repair

If you own a Yamaha electric or gas golf cart you have several different resources to help you with maintenance or repair questions. Some of them are free.

Three Simple Rules for Acquiring an Improved Golf Swing

A skilled golf swing is a movement done with a minimum of conscious thought. Psychologists offer a learning model for the four stages to acquiring any skill. This article reviews those stages and offers three simple rules that will enable you to improve your golf swing.

Discover How to Split the Fairways With the Medicus Golf Swing Trainer

It is product overload when searching for a swing training aid. How do you know what is right for you? You need instant feedback and the Medicus golf swing trainer is the most effective tool to give you that.

Golf Tips for Beginners to Get the Basics Right From the Start

Have you decided to learn to play golf? Great decision. It’s a great game providing you with sociable, healthy exercise in beautiful surroundings. However, it can also be very frustrating. Getting the basics right from the start will help you play better golf quicker making it even more enjoyable faster.

Golf Irons and Woods – A Brief Comparison for Beginner Golfers

Among golf clubs, there are similarities and differences that make one type better suited than another for particular shots and situations. Knowing these characteristics will help beginner golfers with making their club selections. Practicing with the various irons and woods will give beginners the experience and confidence needed to select the right club at the right time.

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