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Golf Carts Are Not Merely to Be Used Out on the Golf Course

Folks buy golfing cars for all kinds of reasons today and not merely to make life simpler while playing a round of golf. Fortunately, golf carts have come on by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Are You Using the Correct Golf Swing Mechanics?

Before we discuss the correct golf swing mechanics we will briefly define the basic golf swings. The first swing is the drive.

How to Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots With Your Irons

I’m not a fan of the fat shot. The fat shot is one of the most common bad shots in golf and leads to disastrous results. Many golfers from beginners to tour pros have hit them and some golfers continually hit them encouraging a lack of confidence in their golf swing and higher golf scores.

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The Golf Swing Slice

The slice is caused by the face of the club looking to the right of the direction the club is moving through at the time of impact with the ball. This causes clockwise spin on your ball making it curve to the…

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Exercise Caution When Choosing Golf Swing Tips

Any golfer worth his (or her) salt will be extremely careful when deciding what advice to follow when listening to golf swing tips. After all, as they say, talk is cheap, and it often seems that the people who are the most vocal about what other people should do on the golf course haven’t got much clue about how to manage the game themselves.

The Most Modern Change in Effective Golf Instruction

Golf instruction has largely been a fairly static process over the decades, with little changes here and there over time, but nothing that has taken the game by storm. That is about to change, as a long overdue collaboration between golf instruction experts, biomechanical scientists, and health care professionals is creating a sensible and exciting opportunity for people to both improve their game and maintain a healthy swing for a lifetime.

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Lower Your Handicap With These Chipping and Pitching Golf Tips

If you are struggling with your golf short game, I’m going to give you four simple golf tips to improve your chipping and pitching. Regardless of your playing ability you’ll be able to instantly shave strokes off your golf score. Practice my tips on the range and you’ll surprise your playing partners with your improved touch around the green.

Golf Slicing Tips to Help You Fix Your Golf Slice

One of the most common issues that golfers encounter, is golf slicing. Finding a cure for the golf slice can be complicated at times, as there can be several different causes. Have a look at my golf slicing tips article which gives you some possible golf slice fixes.

Useful Hints on Golf Etiquette

Proper golf etiquette is very important to not only promote the integrity of the game, but also relates to pace of play, safety concerns, honoring the golf course and honoring your playing partners. Most new golfers struggle with proper golf etiquette and have to learn it over time.

How to Correct a Left Handed Golf Slice

Correcting a slice is a process, like any golf strategy. You will eventually find the cause of your problem if you work through the possible culprits. Here are some proven tips on correcting a left handed golf slice.


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