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Greatest Tips on How to Make the Perfect Golf Swing

Are you looking for ways to make perfect your golf swing? Getting the perfect golf swing is important to the game you play. In order for you to perfect your golf swing, you must follow the perfect golf swing technique to achieve great golf swing. Read more and learn how you can improve your swing and give you the best possible foundation on which to build the rest of your game.

The Golf Putting Setup – 5 Fundamentals to a Great Golf Putting Stroke

If you ever want to become a great putter, then learning a good solid putting setup is probably the most important element in golf putting that you want to get right and work on first. Find out what are the 5 fundamental elements to a great putting setup.

Golf Putting Setup – Where is the Correct Ball Position?

Why is having the correct golf ball position so vital in your golf putting setup? Find out why having the correct golf ball position will allow you to hit truer and more consistent putts and also make sure you are hitting your golf putts in the right direction, every time!

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Golf Putting Setup – Finding the Right Golf Putting Grip!

Your Golf Putting Grip is one of the most important elements to your golf putting setup. Find out which golf putting grip suits you best and start becoming a more consistent and better putter!

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Step Right Up to a Golf Swing Video and Improve Your Game

A Golf Swing Video is one of the best training tools that you can utilize to greatly improve your golf game. No, don’t lie. May you be an amateur, beginner or a pro. You’re bound to have some small imperfections in you golf swing. The video will make a good comparison and help you weed out those small mistakes.

Three Things to Look For When Buying New Golf Irons

Check these three things before you buy a new set of golf irons. You want to make sure the clubs you pick are perfect for you.

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Can an Online Golf Training Guide Help You Improve Your Game?

Are you very passionate about playing golf but you can’t seem to get to nail the most complex part of the game? The golf swing is considered as the most important part of the game and you will of course need a golf training guide to help you. There are lots of materials that can help you get a great golf grip and swing.

How to Bounce Back From a Bad Golf Hole Every Time

Is there anything worse than playing one bad hole that ruins what was potentially one of the best rounds of golfing life? For many golfers there is nothing worse. It’s hard to be philosophical when you have an eight on the last hole! You could simply put it down to experience and acknowledge that if you can get yourself into a position to produce an excellent round once, you can do it again.

Golf – Correcting a Slice

One of the most common swing and frustrating mistakes for the amateur golfer is the slice. For those who don’t know, a slice is a shot which hits the ball with side spin / movement generally through the air from left to right for a right handed golfer.

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