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5 Things You Need to Know About Making Short Putts

Golfers around the world all have one thing in common. They all seem to feel they have more trouble than they should sinking short putts. This is a result of several simple things that we aren’t doing when step up to our golf ball on the green. Let’s have a look at those things now…

Get Confident and Putt Better

Through most of the site we go over the mechanics of putting, such as keeping those shoulders in our triangle formation when swinging, and swinging to keep the ball on a straight path towards the hole. This time we are going to talk a little bit more about the mental side of putting, and how being confident on the green can be the difference between a monster putting game or a dud.

How Do You Find Golf Fitness Training Options to Help You Better Your Game?

I was talking to someone at the office the other day who stated emphatically that golf fitness training is hogwash because there really isn’t a big physical aspect to the game. She and I debated this pointed in detail, and I discovered that obviously my co-worker hasn’t played the game like I have.

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How Can a Golf Training Guide Help a Golfer?

I have devoted a lot of time to trying to improve my golf score. I want to be more consistent and lower it considerably. This is why I’m trying to read anything I can get my hands on. I like to pick up a golf training guide whenever I can so I can learn what is new or what tips might be beneficial to my game.

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How to Discover the Benefits of Golf Swing Mechanics

My golf instructor and I have been going over my golf swing mechanics very carefully every day. This way we can discover where I have any issues or why I’m inconsistent at times. These lessons have been very beneficial, and they work great with other resources available online.

The Ultimate Pre-Shot Routine in 3 Easy Steps

Like most things in life, your set-up often has a large effect on your outcome. A pre-shot routine in golf is no exception. Having a meticulous pre-shot routine will not only enable golfers to eliminate poor habits, but instill confidence and help them to make the right choices.

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What Are Different Types of Golf Tips?

My brother has a friend who believes he’s the source of all golfing information and will pass out golf tips to everyone and anything. Some people listen at first, thinking he’s more of a professional than reality. Through the process, I’ve learned you need to be careful in how you pass this advice out.

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The S2 series of products from Cobra gives high performance and forgiveness. Cobra S2 products include irons, forged irons and drivers that gives accuracy, speed, forgiveness and distance. They optimise the game of players of any level.

What is the Best Way to Find Golf Equipment?

I get overwhelmed when I’m trying to figure out what new piece of golf equipment to buy. If you go to the store, there are rows and rows of equipment. There are training aids and different brands. Looking at everything, I have found research is needed before I pull out my pocketbook.

Three Important Facts About Backspin in Golf

Fact 1: Equipment and Environment Count – You may think that technique is the only thing needed to put backspin on your ball, but the truth is that isn’t the case. In order for you to properly execute this skill of backspin you need to have a clean, new ball, a club with grip on both handle and club face and a good lie on a dry fairway. Trying to spin a golf ball in the rough is unreasonable.


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