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How Do I Stop Flubbing and Skulling My Chip Shots? 3 Tips to Hit Soft Landing Golf Chips That Spin

How do I stop flubbing and skulling chip shots around the green, you ask? Sick of having that simple shot at par or birdie only to walk away with double or triple? Of course you are. Let’s discuss the cause of mis-hit chips and how to fix the problem with 3 simple tips.

All it Takes is One Bad Round!

It is amazing how a single bad round can take everything out. If you take that single round out, Rory McIlroy would be walking out of this year’s Open Championships as the winner. McIlroy said that he couldn’t not think about Friday when he was going to the last hole.

A Newer and Dominant British Open Champion is Crowned!

One of the most historic nights in South African sports history came when Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championships on Sunday at the St. Andrews stadium. But the celebration was certainly a bit different.

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Increase Your Golf Swing Speed – 5 Yoga Moves That Can Give You More Flexibility and Distance

The secret to increasing your golf shot distance is to increase your golf swing speed. It’s not just as simple as swinging out of your shoes each time! You need to increase flexibility and strength so you can increase speed and distance every time. Here are 5 simple yoga moves you can do a few times a week to get you there…

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How to Correctly Read Greens – Part 1 of 3 – Secrets to Sinking More Putts Per Round

Learning how to correctly read greens is a skill that can be learned easily and can be one of the single most important factors to shooting lower scores. Want to break 90, 80, or 70 for the first time? Then these 3 secrets to reading greens are vitally important.

Tips to Help You Increase Your Golf Game

Golf can be very stressful even when you’re just playing for fun. Everyone, no matter what their skill level, wants to perform well.

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Laser Golf Swing Trainer – Impressive Tool to Improve Your Swing Consistency

Imagine a golf swing trainer that comes with a graphical mat, instructional video and booklet and two laser trainer diodes that are battery operated. Yes, a laser golf swing trainer from Butch Harmon is what I am talking about. Won’t you agree that this is the next best thing that has ever happened to golf?

Getting in Shape For Your GOLF Hobby

Golf is an interesting hobby which is a fun way to keep fit and mingle with friends with a common interest. You may find yourself wearing the latest golf fashion, playing with the finest golf clubs and receiving fine golf related accessories from your family and friends at christmas and your birthday. But are you fit enough to play the game.

Get a Srixon Golf Ball and Feel the Difference

Right from the performance balls for professionals to the distance balls for novices, the range of Srixon balls in enormous. Srixon is the 4th largest company in making golf balls and springs from the well-known Japanese company Sumitomo.

The Evolution of the Golf Ball

The evolution of the golf ball began in Europe over 500 years ago when the game of golf was in its infancy. The first golf balls were probably made of wood and these early balls, with their minimal aerodynamic properties, bore little resemblance to the modern ball that we know today.


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