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Golfers Dehydrating in Extreme Heat

Dehydration is a real threat to golfers. Here are some tips to avoid suffering the effects of water loss.

Master How to Get a Better Golf Swing – Better Your Swinging Method Today

For most beginners in golf, getting a better golf swing seems to be an impossible thing to do.There are many dilemmas of golfers who spent thousands of dollars to learn but never seem to receive any results, let alone those expensive equipments to go with the even more expensive lessons.

Golf Cart Parts – Choosing and Buying Wisely

Golf is considered as one of the many sports played by rich people. It is a sport played in a very wide place where the golf ball is hit by the player with a golf club to shoot it in a hole on the ground. The equipments needed for this game is quite expensive.

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How to Get Your Golf Swing in Sync

I’ve been swinging pretty well this year. Unfortunately, my back is keeping me from practicing very much. But when I can, I do these two drills to warm up and get my swing in sync…

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Developing Your Pre-Shot Routine

Professional golfers all have their individualized golf routines: they perform exactly the same rituals every time they are on the golf course prior to their game. The main reason for developing pre-shot routine is to create the innate golf spontaneity that is essential for golf success. Develop your own pre-shot routine to help you relax through meditation in golf.

Golf Tips For Beginners

This article discusses tips for the beginner golfer. It specifically talks about what the beginner needs to do in order to judge how to hit their golf balls.

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Putting Mistakes – Five of the Most Common

The road to a consistent putting game is not about how hard to hang onto your clubs. This is true for all aspects of golf, not just putting. When you putt, relax your hands. When you swing you should not feel jerky, but smooth and even through your entire swing. The stroke isn’t going to be a long one, but if it isn’t smooth you will have no chance at controlling your weight.

Position of Hands on Downswing

In this article I assume you are right handed. If you are a lefty, reverse the hand positions described below. A lot of articles on the golf swing do not emphasize the importance of bringing the hands down to the hitting area with the left hand leading the right hand.

SkyCaddie GPS – Getting the Top System Can Only Improve Your Golf Game!

There are many ways to go about getting a better game for yourself when it comes to golf, but the one thing that most people overlook is some sort of yardage device. When you think about it golf is a game that you have to have a lot of confidence in the shot you are going to hit in order to hit it properly.

Drive For Show – Putt For Dough!

Golfers want to hit the big shot and impress their friends. In the end however, real golfers know that it’s the short shots that matter most. Impress your friends with your score – not only your big drives.


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