The Right Way to Grip the Golf Club to Hit Straighter Shots

Golf Grip Explained: Learn how to grip a golf club with this simple Todd Kolb golf grip lesson!

There are a whole bunch of mistakes that can cause an ugly golf slice.

One of the most common is also among the easiest to fix: A faulty golf grip.

Most slicers grip the club too much in the palms, not enough in the fingers. In today’s video, I show you a very simple method for gripping the club just right, every time.

I also give separate tips for two groups of golfers – those who love to practice, and those who don’t.

Chronic slicers, this one’s for you!

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If you want to have a good golf swing, you need to know how to grip a golf club. Too often, amateur golfers have a golf grip that is in the palms vs the fingers, giving them less control over the golf club, which can lead to a nasty golf slice.

If you want to learn the perfect golf grip and get better golf grip pressure, watch these simple tips on how to hold a golf club to help you hit straighter golf shots!

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