The Proper Golf Grip for Your Golf Swing – Golf Tips

Finding the proper golf grip can help you learn how to grip a golf club best for your own golf swing, but what type of grip should you play? We discuss the golf grip in detail ranging from grip strength for the proper golf grip left hand to the tendencies you see for each of the following grips:

Weak Golf Grip
Neutral Golf Grip
Strong Golf Grip

Learn How to Instantly Improve Your Golf Score:

If you have a strong, weak, or neutral grip, you can still be a good ball striker, as long as you know the tendencies and proper matchups for each type of golf grip. This golf lesson gives you the information you need to find the perfect golf grip for you.

There are numerous different ways to strike a golf ball properly, but the biggest part most golfers misunderstand is knowing the proper matchups. In this tip, we discuss the tendencies of each grip, what the club face will typically do with each, and how to get back to impact properly to still hit a solid golf shot.

With these simple golf tips, you will be hitting better shots in no time!

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Simple Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

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