The Palmetto Course at Myrtlewood in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Review of Ping Hoofer C-1 Golf Carry Bag

It’s the Hoofer you’ve known for years with a few tweaks for 2010. Reliable and versatile, this bag straddles the line between lightweights and more full-featured carry bags and will appeal to a variety of players.

Golf Fitness Training For an Excellent Golfer

Have you ever wonder how some golfers take control and win tournaments? Ever dreamed of swinging your golf clubs and like Tiger Woods? Many have recognized that Tiger Woods is the pioneer of golf and fitness and conditioning.

Golf Swing – Which Shot Are You Really Hitting?

It has often been the case when I have been out golfing that I have seen a player play a golf shot that has moved in a certain direction only for the player to describe the shot as something which is totally different to the way the ball moved through the air. This article will explain all possible shots and the path that the golf ball will travel on to get to its end destination.

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Plan For Whatever Happens With Golf Tournament Insurance

You plan a fun golf tournament hoping to earn a bundle for charity. There will be food, prizes, special events, and award ceremonies, and the weatherman even says it will be a perfect day. So what could possibly go wrong?

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Massively Improve My Golf Score? Yes, Apply the Pareto Principle to Play Better & Enjoy Golf More

This is not some new fangled swing technique, it’s simple fact based principle that works when applied to any aspect of your life, including improve your golf game. It’s a known fact that most everything you get, have, achieve (80% on average) comes from 20% of your efforts.

Are You Aware of Your Golf Swing Mechanics When Chipping Or Putting?

The hardest part about golf swing mechanics is learning to finesse the golf ball around the greens. This is the least amount of time spent in practicing the chipping, pitching, putting and sand play before playing a round of golf.

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Understanding Golf – Staying in the Moment and Playing in the “Flow State” Or “The Zone” For Golfers

Oh how we worry about the past events and imagined futures! The irony is that the only thing you ever have is RIGHT NOW, here in the present. Neither the past nor the future really exist, they are both just mental constructs made by our minds in order to “position” ourselves in relation to the present time or moment.

Tips on Golf Exercise That Can Change Your Score

Chiropractors can do wonders to golfers by ensuring golf fitness through golf exercise. The fitness of the golfer is analyzed through golf shape Rx and golf body screen and specific exercises are recommended by chiropractors to improve golf fitness.

How to Find a Good Golf Instructor

Most people looking for golf instruction tend to visit their local PGA professional. However, there are more alternatives available. A little research will uncover golf instructors who are truly a cut above the typical golf professional.

Improve Your Golf Score by Eliminating Three Puts From Your Round

For putts of over 20 feet, you’d love to put it in, but that’s not necessarily the goal. You want to make sure that you don’t three putt. You want to put it close enough that you have a tap-in of less than five feet on your next putt.


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