The New Quarry Disc Golf Course in Florida – Full walkthrough and 10 hole round played by a beginner

Golf Tips – Driving the Ball Long & Straight

Every golfer wants to able to hit the ball longer and straighter. Well now you can as here are some great golf tips which you can put into practice to help you drive the ball off the tee longer while also keeping control and accuracy.

Most Golf Courses Have Water Features – Should They Be Growing Algae For Fuel?

Due to the decline in economic activity many golf course have watched their users decline, and fewer and fewer middle class Americans are partaking in golf travel or an expensive round of golf locally. Indeed, I happen to live in an International City, a golfing community setting and in the valley here there are over 150 golf course, a few recently have called it quits and filed bankruptcy. In some instances they have leased the golf course out to share-croppers for farming, and in other cases they have let the whole thing go, and it is returning to the natural landscaping, weeds and sage brush.

GPS 8 Golflogix Device to Improve Your Golf Game

GolfLogix GPS 8 from Garmin is an important device for golfers. It is able to calculate distances on the golf field, and presents the information on the easy to read display. This way a golfer can decide his or her move and the appropriate equipment for it based on an accurate distance estimation.

Children’s Golf Clubs Perfect For Golf Training

Buying good sets of children’s golf clubs for your kids’ training is very important and it is one best starting point to mold them to become professional golf players someday. If at an early age, children are taught the value of playing, they will continuously develop it as they grow up.

Beginner Golf Instruction and the Basic Rules You Must Know

What sport allows you to get some exercise, socialize and be with the elements? Golf does! It may seem intimidating to get into the sport, but there are some basic beginner golf instructions and rules that you need to know. By knowing these rules, you will not only blend in with your fellow golfers, you’ll have an awesome experience and will be itching to step onto the green again.

What the Pros Use to Lower Their Scores!

As we all know, golf is a sport that takes time and patience to master. Regardless of what your scores are, you can’t beat a day out on the golf course. I have been searching for some time for a product that would give me a better grip on my golf club.

How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed and Distance? Hit it Straighter and Get Better Results!

It is still and always will be the most sought after advice in the game of golf, how do you get more golf swing speed and distance. Every golfer wants to hit it further which will in effect make it easier to play the game.

How to Stop Pushing Golf Shots? Try These Simple Fixes and Start Hitting it Straight Again!

Most golfers play with a golf slice or hook which is when the golf ball starts at the target line but steadily moves away from it in a semi circular fashion. Another common problem is when a golfer hits their shot and the golf ball starts right and stays right (right hander) of the target line. This is commonly known as a push, block or even sometimes a shove. Learn how to stop pushing golf shots by following a couple of basic fundamentals.

Golf is a Good Reason to Stay Fit

Most of the games give us reason to stay fit because during the game we burn our extra calories. Golf involves lots of mental and physical activity and that thing keeps you healthy and fit.

The First Three Skills a Beginner Should Learn

When you decide to take up golf, and Congratulations for joining the Club, understand that golf is a big game with lots of things you have to learn to play well. Playing well will come much faster and much easier of you get a good foundation from the very start. That foundation is based on three things: the way you hold the club, the rhythm with which you swing the club, and your mental feeling of ease when you do.

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