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How to Finish the Golf Swing

Impact is obviously the most important part of the swing. For all that is said about the stuff that goes on during the swing, the impact position of the best players is usually pretty consistent.

How to Hit the Perfect Bunker Shot

7 steps on how to hit the perfect bunker shot. This article will explain how to master the art of the bunker shot.

To Hybrid Or Not to Hybrid? What is the Answer?

Hybrid golf clubs are the fastest selling golf clubs on the market today, not surprising really considering how much trouble most golfers have hitting long irons. Hybrid are a must for any ordinary player looking to improve their game. Hybrid golf clubs are a cross between irons and woods and they are becoming staples in the golf bags of tour professionals and average players alike, so it figures that the hybrid phenomenon is now stretching to the courses they play…

Golf Balls May Be the Difference

Golf balls are something that must be taken seriously if you want for your game to be the best it can be. Equipping yourself with the exact type of golf balls can give you a leg up, will most certainly improve your score and inevitably drop your score to help you move on to a more competitive playing field.

How EFT Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game in Minutes

Swinging badly, pathetic at putting. Let EFT help you get your golf game on track.

Best Club For Golf Driving Distance

There are many brands, types and styles of clubs, but which one is best to get all the distance you can out of every drive? This article answers that question and gives you all the best tips for increasing your driving distance consistently.

Swing Control For Golf Distance

If you’re having trouble getting the driving distance in your golf swing and keeping control at the same time, this article is exactly what you’ve been needing. Learn to maximize your distance and swing every time while still maintaining your control to place the ball where you want it on every single shot.

Setup For the Golf Swing

To setup, the tension in your legs should be on the inside, because your feet are screwed into the ground clockwise. You should now be able to bend your knees and get your upper body in the right place. Knees To get into the correct position, begin with the live tension you’ve already created and bend your knees so they are “hanging” over the balls of your feet.

Setting Up the Arms For the Golf Swing

Setting up the arms for the golf swing is vital. This article talks about their proper positioning.

Golf Psychology and Learning

When you are learning golf, it can feel like there is really just too much to ingrain into our bodies. This is exactly what its supposed to feel like. Although some may learn more quickly than others, if we have never done something before, we still must all go through these learning stages at some level.

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