‘The holes are upside down’: Canadian golfer describes sanitation measures at Florida golf course

Golf Tools Every Golfer Should Own

Range Finder: There are many types of them, but they all do basically the same thing. They give golfers an accurate reading of how far it is to the flag stick. A lot of golf courses use marking systems which make it easier to tell, but exact measurements are important when it comes to proper golf club choice.

How Will a Golf Training Program Improve Your Game?

Lately, Bill has been noticing that his game is not as good as it usually is. He is missing shots he normally would have made and he has noticed that his putting is a bit short or too long. Bill takes a trip to the course a few times each week and still is not having any luck.

Does a Golf Training Course Really Help You?

The winter months really put a damper on Daron’s game time. He doesn’t have much time to practice as the weather will not permit him to be outside. This means that during the winter his game slacks off a bit. He is on the verge of hitting the retirement years where there are no limits to when or where he can play.

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How Important is Pro Golf Equipment to a Player?

Though pro golf equipment are now accessible almost anywhere, professional players usually have very strict standards when it comes to picking their own equipment, especially clubs and putters. Some golfers even go as far as refusing free pro golf equipment offered to them because they know that using the wrong ones can cost them a very important game.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How to Improve Golf Swing Effectively? – Tips

Do you dream of being Tiger Woods one day? If not, do you at least wonder how another player in your golf club plays like a professional? Well, the answer is simple. One has to have a proper swing to play the game with professional like style. Practice makes a man perfect but one has to practice the correct method to get the right perfection. Here is an article that tips you on improving your golf swings.

How Will a Golf Training Course Improve a Golf Swing?

The winter months can be dreadful because of poor conditions, especially when my favorite game is out of commission because of the snow and ice out on the golf courses. I can’t retire yet and play regularly in the south. This is when I decided a golf training course would be helpful, as well as some putting work.

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How Can a Golf Training Program With Weights Lower a Score?

My distance and accuracy have been pitiful lately, and it had a lot to do with my golf swing. This makes it difficult to continuously pull out the low scores. I was kind of stumped, until several friends suggested for me to join a golf training program involving weights. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Will Reading Golf Training Reviews Help?

It’s so easy to get confused with all the information available online or in golfing magazines. Experts say research helps you find the perfect product, but it’s hard to sort through all the different golf training reviews so you know who and what to believe. At the store, there were 30 putters, 40 drivers, and all these other clubs laying in the shelves.

How Practising Getting Out of Bed Will Improve Your Putting

Have you ever had the experience that you putted before you were ready? You were in the middle of thinking about playing it and then all of a sudden, oops, there it goes. What you thought was going to be a carefully thought out putt just turned into a bit of a howler.

Can a Step by Step Golf Swing Process Improve Golf Swings?

I didn’t realize how much power was needed in a golf swing until my friend Tom used an analogy that hit home. He compared the impact between ball and club to the force in a boxing ring. The boxers use focused power to get their hits in, and it is the same in golf.


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