The Heathland Course at Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Golf Swing Instruction – Five Tips on How to Hit a Fade For Duffers

Does your golf ball go where you expect it to most of the time? Bring your golf shots under control with the same shot shape the pros use when they need confidence. Lee Trevino said, “You can talk to a fade but a draw won’t listen to anybody.” Add the fade to your bag and you’ll be playing from the short grass hole after hole, round after round.

Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing Technique

With golf pros such as Tiger Woods and Michelson showing off their skills at the PGA tour, recreational golfers are looking for ways to improve golf swing technique from home. There are several factors that contribute to the perfect game including, your club or driver, the ball you play with, the weather elements, and most importantly your swing. While the wealthiest people in the world can buy the best golfing equipment on the market, no one can pay for a good swing.

Beginner Golf Tips – The First Things You Need to Learn in Golf

If you love the game of golf and you love to learn the game but are too hesitant, learning a few beginner golf tips may help you build confidence in learning the sport. Indeed, you have to start as a beginner, all the best players in any sport did start as beginners, so there is really nothing wrong with starting to learn golf and being awkward in it for the first few tries.

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Golf Tips For a Reduced Handicap

Golf can be a frustrating game to get better at but it can also be a lot of fun to play and improve. Find out in our article how you can get better quickly and be on your way to a lower handicap.

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Golf Etiquette – Learning Good Manners in Playing Golf

In everything we do, we are guided with principles. Likewise when we play golf, there are simple and common principles to keep in heart. However, there are some people who still do not know how to behave on the golf course. You may not want to be one of them, so here are reminders for you:

The Proper Golf Swing and How to Achieve It

It looks so easy and effortless when you watch the professional players hit the ball on television. But as any scratch golfer can tell you, finding – and keeping – the proper golf swing can take years of practice, lessons and dedication.

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A Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club – It’s Both Physical and Mental

Inevitably golfers get around to the great question of the proper swing. Many attribute the game to shepherds hitting rocks into rabbit holes where St. Andrews Golf Course is now located in Scotland.

3 Golf Swing Mistakes That Drain Your Power

As more professional golfers are seen with top golf instructors and fitness professionals, there is a lot of information for the average golfer to sift through. However, there is not much out there that deals with specific swing faults and how to correct them. This is the first in a series of articles that will help you learn to correct your own golf swing.

Left Handed Hybrid Golf Clubs – Which Type of Clubs Do You Need to Consider?

Buying your very own right or left handed hybrid golf clubs can be very exciting, especially if you have been playing with someone else’s set or a hand-me-down club for a long period of time. If you have not played golf before and you want to buy your own set, there are a few things you may need to consider when it comes to equipment for beginners versus a more experience player.

Left Handed Golf Woods – Recommended Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you are still a beginner when it comes to the game of golf, then a right or left handed golf woods suits you best, as it is considered as the best club for beginners. Different materials are being used when manufacturing golf clubs including iron and hybrid of wood and iron, however, clubs made of wood are lighter and easier to handle.


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