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Putting Aids – YOU CAN Roll the Ball Like Phil, Tiger, Jack & Dave

It’s not impossible! You can use the right putting aids to learn how to putt like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Dave Pelz. Putting trainer tools help to build a consistency into you putting stroke that is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without these tools or a coach constantly monitoring you.

Five Tune-Up Tips For Your Golf Swing

These five tips are little differences that will make a big difference literally overnight in the way you swing a golf club. One hour of practice is all you need to install them in your swing. They will give you a feeling of confidence, control, and ease, three characteristics of good golf.

How Can a Golf Training Program Geared Toward Strengthening Muscles Help a Golfer?

Sam was struggling with a lot of pain whenever he played golf. He tried changing some of his golf swing mechanics, but the subtle changes didn’t work. He visited with his doctor, who suggested trying a golf training program that worked on strengthening core muscles.

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Golf Courses and More

There are different kinds of sports and people are allowed to choose which they want to play and which they dislike. Some of the most watched sports are football, cricket, basketball, tennis, golf and so many more. The people who watch sports do not have to like each sport they might like cricket and not football or they might like basketball and not tennis.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Golf Cufflinks Put You On Par With The Best

Golf has traditionally been a sport for the rich and the famous. While it’s become more accessible to all today, golf courses all over the world still have their regal charm intact.

What Is a Great Alternative for Chipping Putters?

When using a chipping putter there is an extremely easy way to learn how to chip a golf ball correctly. You don’t have to use a putter, instead consider using a different iron, the number 5,7, and 9 irons make excellent substitutes. When you are facing a long shot try the number 5 iron, the number 7 iron will work best for a medium range shot and then use the number 9 for any short chip shots.

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Excessively Noisy Behavior On The Golf Course – Avoid This Golf Gaffe

It is one thing to scream on the golf course when you have missed the putt that would have won you a million dollars. However, do not think that the authorities in charge of the golf course will tolerate your antics if you are just one of the many members playing there. Over enthusiasm on the part of the golf player can lead to problems.

How to Stop a Slice – 3 Great Tips

How to stop a slice made easy with 3 great tips, these 3 tips will help fix that dreaded slice for good. Find the fairways and the greens with your golf swing and lower your handicap, just follow these excellent tips.

Getting Past the Dreaded Over The Top Golf Swing

Swinging “over the top” is one of the most common problems encountered by part-time golfers and newcomers to the sport. Essentially this problem is the result of a disconnect between the motions of the upper and lower body whereby the upper body swings around faster than the lower body. The result is that the club’s head goes out beyond the target line and then loops back in, hitting the ball from the outside and therefore knocking far to the left (for a right handed player and vice versa for a left handed one).

Do Golf Swing Training Aids Really Do Anything?

My buddy Pete was always buying golf swing training aids, yet his game never got any better. He spent a fortune every month in golf stores, and no matter where we went, he was searching for the next big answer to his golfing problems.


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