The Fazio Course at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Right Ones

Hybrid golf clubs help golfers to hit the ball more more consistently than they would with a typical iron or wood. These clubs are intended to replace or supplement the long irons that have long frustrated many players.

Golf Swing Drills – Your Secret to Play Golf Better

Learning how to swing is one of golf’s fundamental strategies that can help a player become better. But most newbies just don’t get the importance of learning golf swing drills and think that weekend golf games will do the trick to make them better golfers over time. Most newbie golfers start with less know-how when they hit the fairways; the next thing you know, they are hitting the grass and not the ball.

On the Green With Golf

It’s a game that will remind you of lush green carpets of well mowed grass. A vast landscape of green land with pockets of sand and oasis of water here and there is what is known as a golf course. It is a place where the game is played.

Women’s Golf – How it Can Help Women

Explore women’s golf, including some of the differences and similarities with the men’s game. Women’s golf can be a tool for networking and confidence in women.

Best Golf Training Aid

Have you ever played golf or is it your favorite sport? There are several people who love to play golf and if you are one of them, then let us discuss about the best golf training aid. It is ultimately the type of golf training aid that has a lot of impact on the game of golf. There are several products that are available in the market these days which are regarded as some popular golf training aids.

Find Your Way Back Into the Green

Upset and disappointed in your score? Bad putts? Basically your whole games are sucky, right?

Meal Plan to Optimize Golf Skill

To boost up your golf skill you must practice it regularly. Not only that, you must consume more nutritious meals. The well-organized diet program will help you to stay fit and thrilled along the game. The proper foods will enhance your concentration and herd you to win the game.

Rules of Golf Decisions – Golf GPS

Many golfers would love to know what the professionals know with regard to course information. All that information their caddies provide before and during a tournament.

Guide to Choose the Right Club For Best Swing Speed

While you are playing golf, the official rules of golf command you not to bring more than 14 clubs. The 14 clubs in your bag is including your putter. That’s why you need to select the best clubs that perfect for your swing, the field you play and your level.

How to Shave a Few Strokes Off Your Golf Game

This article covers a few tricks you can try, to shave a few strokes off your game. It goes over a couple ways to change the loft at which you hit each club and shot management, or where you want to hit each shot before you tee off.

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