TAG Golf Co Magnetic Golf Towel for Golf Bags for Men and Women – Micro Fiber USA Golf Towel – Golf Training Aid – Industrial Strength Magnet – Stick it to Your Club or Putter

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Product Description

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Pick It Up Magnetic Golf Towel

Signature Magnetic Golf Towel - Main ImageSignature Magnetic Golf Towel - Main Image

Not your ordinary golf Towel!

Signature Rule Lines can also be used as training ticks!

Divot TrackingBall PlacementFeet PlacementSwing alignmentTarget Path

Gimmie LengthGimmie Length

The Debate is Finally Over – T.A.G. Golf Co. Official Gimmie Length Towel

Rules of the Gimmie Towel

All Gimmies must lie within the towel length, starting with the towel corner placed on the edge of the holeAll players must see and acknowledge that the ball is within the gimmie lengthIf the towel determines the ball is a gimmie, the player can PICK IT UPOnce a Gimmie is granted it it can never be revoked…or mentioned… ever again!Go Low and Have Fun

Comes with a Tees/Valuables Pouch and a Club Plug – Make any club magnetic!

Tee BagTee Bag


Sidekick towel being picked up by the Club PlugSidekick towel being picked up by the Club Plug

Tees/Valuables Pouch

Whats better than ordering a brand new magnetic golf towel from T.A.G. Golf Co.? Having the packaging be a functioning Tee/Valuables pouch that’s what!

Club Plug

Every order of T.A.G. Golf Co towel also comes with laser engraved Club Plug. The Club Plug can be inserted into any clubs grip that you want to make magnetic!


Insert the Club Plug into any club grip and you can instantly pick up any of our T.A.G. Golf Co magnetic products. Cleaning your clubs and balls will always be within clubs reach!

About Us:

One day, on the course there was a heated argument about a putt that should or should not have been considered a gimmie. My partner and I always argued what the actual distance of a gimmie should be, and thus many a match outcome has been decided through the years over a few generous gimmies early in the round only to have the earlier distance denied with the game on the line in the final holes.

We decided then, that moving forward, we would just use one of our towels as the predetermined length for our gimmies. That day T.A.G. Golf Co was born. We thought: ‘let’s design a golf towel that looks like a ruler, that can be used by golfers of all levels to determine if the putt is within range of a series of predetermined gimmie ranges (1,2, and 3 foot).’

We all know that the Gimmie is a crucial part of the game of golf, from the weekend warrior to the I could be pro if I just had more time golfer (we all know one), gimmies can help speed the pace of play, save us from three putts and help us go low. We wanted a towel that would make the gimmie a standardized length around the globe! A towel that will allow you to finally break 90! (You know who you are!!)

This one simple idea has given rise to our company, the brainchild of two awesome golfers and lifelong friends. We wanted to create more than just a towel; we wanted to create a brand. A brand by two amateur golfers that are passionate about the game. One that is built on fun, functionality, and premium quality. At the end of the day, we just want you to have as much fun as possible and enjoy golf as much as we do! Everything we create is done so with you and your game in mind! And for those of you using our flagship product PICK IT UP – we saw it was Gimmie!

Thank you for considering our products!

Dan and Pat – T.A.G. Golf Co

New and exciting desings coming soon!

HomeTeam TowelHomeTeam Towel

From ‘Tee to Green’ the TAG GOLF CO Magnetic Towel is the Perfect ON-THE-GO towel. The Golf Towel Magnet conveniently sticks to metal objects, Golf Clubs, Golf Carts and more and it’s always within clubs reach!
Ultra Premium 18” X 36” High-Grade Microfiber Towel Material has a waffle weave pattern that will help remove dirt and debris with ease. Ultra absorbent for better cleaning efficiency.
Industrial Strength Magnet that will easily stick to your club, bag or golf cart without falling off. It has been tested at Golf Cart speeds up to 25MPH. One of the best golf cart accessories on the market.
Extra Accessory Included Every order of TAG GOLF CO Signature magnetic towel comes with a golf tees/valuables pouch. It is the ultimate golf accessories for men gift.
Back of towel is solid blue for cleaning clubs. Shows your Patriotism on the course with the USA Flag pattern on the front side. Keep it clean by cleaning your clubs and balls on the back! Perfect holiday gift for the Patriot golfer in your life!
List Price: $29.95

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