Stripebird – 2.0 Slim Golf Magnetic Rangefinder Wrap Mount (Form Fitting Strap) – Easily Access Range Finder Device While You Golf – Buckle-Less Strap

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Our story

How we got our start? Founded by a team of industrial product designers that happen to love golf. Constantly on our minds is the age old question “Is there a better way to do that?.” Stripebird is our answer to that in golf. What makes our product unique? The magnets we use are of the strongest rare-earth magnets called Neodymium Magnets. Ours come with an ultra-strength rating of N95. We can vouch they will NOT fall off. Ever. Why we love what we do? We spend hours scouring golf stores looking for that next “golf purchase.” We now set off to create our own golf accessories and share them with others.

✔ STRONGEST HOLD: The Strongest Magnets in Golf. Securely Holds Rangefinder to Golf Cart, Clubs or Stripebird Hub. 2 Round Neodymium Magnets; Some of the Strongest Rare Earth Magnets. Keep Your Rangefinder Nearby Without Worrying About Bumpy Cart Rides.
✔ BUCKLE-LESS – SLIMMEST AND FORM-FITTING: The New 2.0 Version Has Reduced Bulkiness by 45%. The Slimmest and Most Form Fitting Magnetic Rangefinder Strap Ever.
✔ SECURE AND SHOCK ABSORBING: High-Speed Nylon Elastic Band Allows for Maximum Tightness Around Device. Built with SBR for Shock Absorption with Anti Skid and Soft Velcro. Improves Your Grip on the Rangefinder.
✔ HIGHEST QUALITY: Stitching and Materials Are Made of Luxury Finishes Because Your Rangefinder Needs to Stay Looking Good. Makes Operating Range Finder Easier.
✔ FITS ALL RANGEFINDERS: Rangefinder Device NOT INCLUDED. Fits All Types of Rangefinders with Buttons Exposed On Most. Compatible with Models by: Bushnell, Precision Pro, Nikon, Garmin, Callaway, Leupold, TecTecTec, Golf Buddy and others., $32.99, $32.99 - $29.99

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