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How to Be More Comfortable While Golfing

It’s important to be comfortable while you are playing golf. Find out some very practical tips for staying more comfortable while playing.

Improve Your Golf by Playing Difficult Golf Courses

There are two ways to get better at golf. One is to learn how to hit shots better. The other is to learn how to play golf better. A good way to do the second is to occasionally play a golf course that is too hard for you.

The Importance of the Short Game

So often you hear touring professionals say that your score is made from 100 yards in, so that’s where you (the amateurs they’re taking to) should spend most of your time practicing. They’re right, to a certain extent.

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Reasons to Hit the Driving Range

New to golfing, or did you recently purchase new equipment? If either of these apply to you then it’s time to hit the driving range and get comfortable with golf, or with your new clubs. If you neglect the driving range not only are you likely to lose your match but you may have some extremely embarrassing shots.

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Golf Practice Regimen

The skill of playing golf can only improve with every practice. The golf practice plan not only improves stamina but also the style while playing the game.

How to Prevent the Most Common Golf Injuries

Don’t let that annoying twinge become a golfing career-limiting injury. Take the right course of action early and prevent the misery of a recurring nightmare.

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Don’t Be a Frustrated Golfer – Be an Armchair Zen Master!

Do you easily get annoyed with yourself on the golf course? You know it doesn’t help, but can you learn to become a calm, detached golfer?

Golf Tips – Beating the Long Hitter

Golf is a game about playing the best shots you can each time you step up to the ball. It all starts on the tee box with the drive.

Golf Swing Analyzer – Information Aids to Fix Swing Troubles

Golf instructors have been making use of a form of high tech golf swing analyzer for years to assist golfers strengthen their swing to make greater contact with the ball and lower their scores. Computer system generated images can be utilized to demonstrate the golfer which part of his swing mechanics need to increase to superior their game.

Increase Golf Skills With a Simple Routine

Golfing is exercise. Like all athletes, golfers need to do the right things before, during and after their golf game to avoid injury and maximize results. Unfortunately most golfers don’t realize this. To be a great golfer you need to have a pre and post game plan to keep limber and maximize results.


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