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Tips For Hitting Your Golf Driver – 3 Tips to Gain 15 Yards Immediately Off the Tee

Hitting the driver straight and long off the tee is perhaps the most important thing to master if you want to dramatically drop your golf scores. Hitting from the fairway, from a SHORT distance from the green, allows you to hit more greens and have more chances at birdie. Here are 3 simple tips to gain some extra yardage off the tee next time you play…

Golfers Are a Breed Unlike Any Other

Golfers are an obsessive, passionate and unique type of person but we love them all. One of the not so good habits of most of us who play golf is that we often take it too seriously.

Saving Money With Used Golf Balls

Golfers today, especially newer ones, tend to hit the ball to places where they can never seem to find them. For these golfers, there is a good understanding about the value of playing with used golf balls.

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Used Golf Balls Help Players Save Money

For some, there is nothing like relaxing on the links with a few friends, a couple of beers, and scenery that looks so nice. That is, of course, until it conceals the location of about 100 golf balls every year.

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Improve Your Golf Swing by Following Simple Tips

The most important thing a golfer should remember is to not to panic when the game starts to fall apart. Concentrate and focus on what you should be doing rather than what you might have been doing wrong. This helps to build the confidence and hit some great shots.

Stop Missing Those Short Putts

Why do we miss short putts? Even when your lower body is “locked in” one of the reasons may be that applying too much of the upper body is throwing off the putting game.

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A Golf Cart Trailer Contributes to Golfing Experiences

An avid golfer is always on the lookout for a better golfing experience. A golf cart trailer allows you to have an amazing time on the greens. If you like golf, then you should consider building up on your equipment base. A trailer is one item that enhances your commitment.

Golf Tips – Fixing the Golf Swing Tempo

Getting the correct tempo in a golf swing is vital. Too hard and fast and you will send the ball off in totally the wrong direction. How do you get it right?

The Most Important Mental Skill in Golf

Things happen slowly on the golf course. You have lots of time to think about what is going on. In order to keep your thoughts under control and your mind focused, you’ll find that the most positive mental habit you can make is to play one shot at a time.

Golf Swing Instructions in Five Steps

Golf is a great game to play and the swing is an important part of it. But how do you swing that golf club? This article gives you golf swing instructions in five steps for anyone to follow.


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