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Build a Positive Golf Self Image and Inner Mental Game by Controlling Your Golfing Memories

Memories have a major impact on your self-image in golf and if you are not actively controlling which memories you will keep and which you would like to throw in your minds recycle bin then you are being passively controlled by your own mind. Learn what you need to know so you can take charge of your memories, build a positive self Image and Play Better Golf.

What is Golf Course Rating?

What Is “Course Rating?” The quick answer is that it’s a single number indicating the difficulty of a golf course to an expert golfer, a “par golfer”. The figure is used when calculating handicaps. The Course Rating is a number, close to par for the course, and is expressed with a single decimal digit. For example: If par for a course is 72, its Course Rating might be 71.4.

Good Golf Swings Offer Control

Golfers need to have a good golf swing if they want to be successful at the game. If their swing is bad, their game will be too. A good swing is the main priority of a golfer.

Why I Play Golf

To all of our fellow golf lovers out there, I have developed seven reasons why we love golf. 1) The freedom of being in the great outdoors…

What Does a Good Golf Set Include?

If you are in the market for a golf set, either buying it new from a sports equipment supplier or online retailer, or buying it used but in good condition from someone who has no more need, there are a few things you should look for. To make sure you get a golf set that meets your needs, determine how many clubs you want. If you’re new to the sport, you probably won’t know the minute differences between certain irons and woods, so a set with fewer clubs…

How Much Should I Spend on a Golf Set?

Buying a golf set is a lot like buying a car, except it doesn’t cost nearly as much. You could buy a 15-year old used car that is rusted and barely running for a good price, but it probably won’t give you the comfort and performance (and reliability) you want. You can find a top of the line sports convertible fully loaded with performance and luxury features, but it may not be feasible with your budget.

How to Take a Golf Lesson

It’s easy to give someone what you want to give them. What is not so easy, is to give someone what they want. As a pupil the onus is on you to be specific about what you want to get from the golf lesson you take.

Essentials to a Good Golf Swing

To get just the right golf swing, you have to have every element in place. You need to have a correct grip on the club (interlocking, overlapping, and baseball-style grips are all appropriate, and it’s up to preference). You need to be standing correctly (knees bent, back straight, chin away from the chest, arms at the right angle away from the body).

A Simple Golf Swing is an Effective Golf Swing

Playing golf is tougher with a swing made up of constantly changing components. Use your practice time properly and you’ll begin to own a swing that stays with you on the course.

Different Brands of Golf Balls

It is amazing how many different brands of golf-balls are out there. It seems like a new version appears nearly every week. Golf balls are big business as the giants compete for your dollar.

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