STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap | Strong Magnet Securely Holds to Golf Carts and Golf Clubs for Easy Access | Slim, Form Fitting, Size Adjustable

Monument Golf LLC is introducing the most exciting new golf product to hit the market in years. The Stick It magnetic rangefinder strap. After months of testing different product designs, materials and magnet strengths, Monument Golf created a magnetic r
NEW DESIGN FITS OVER 50 DIFFERENT RANGEFINDER MODELS — The newly redesigned Gen3 STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap features a slimmer band with a strategically positioned cutout, which allows you to maintain access to multi-button devices, making it the most versatile magnetic strap, adjusting to fit over 50 makes/models, with all the major brands tested during product development — Bushnell, Callaway, Garmin, Leupold, Nikon, Precision Pro, TecTecTec. Rangefinder not included.
QUICK ‘N EASY ACCESS ON THE GOLF CART — Magnetically position your rangefinder where you want it! The STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap securely holds rangefinders to the metal golf cart post and steering column for convenient positioning and constant access every shot — infinitely better than mounts, attachments, drink holders, cubbies, cases or back in the golf bag. It’s a no-brainer for any golfer with a rangefinder.
SUPER-STRONG HOLD — Upgraded industrial-strength neodymium bar magnet provides a larger magnetic contact area with the golf cart, giving you a stronger, more secure hold that withstands your golf cart’s sharp turns, bumps and sudden stops, with a hook-n-loop and buckle system allowing for a fully-adjustable, super-tight fit to any standard rangefinder model.
ALWAYS IN REACH FOR WALKERS & RIDERS — STICKIT is the solution for what to do with your rangefinder between shots, for walkers and riders, sticking to carts, clubheads, and the STICKIT Metal Golf Bag Clip. Get grab-n-go access and a quick pick-up from the turf when shooting yardages away from the cart. Just grab it, shoot it and STICK IT!
STICKIT PATENTED-DESIGN & TOP-QUALITY PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE — STICKIT is the only patent-protected magnetic rangefinder strap on the market, with unmatched magnetic strength and industry-setting rangefinder accessibility that is trusted and used by professional caddies and tour players since 2016., $26.95, $26.95

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