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Check Your Grip For More Club Head Speed

If your golf swing aggravates or produces elbow pain, consider your golf swing and especially the tightness of your grip on the club. The transition from backswing to downswing and the position of your wrist at impact with the golf ball potentially create the most stress at the elbow.

Golfing Tips – Top Tips to Improve Your Teeing Off Skills

If you are keen to sharpen your teeing off skills, then there are some great tips discussed in this article, which can help you do just that. Using these simple, yet amazingly effective golfing tips you can now fine tune your golfing skills and start playing like a pro in quick time.

How to Hold the Golf Clubs in Your Hand – Proper Hand Placement Will Improve Your Golf Game

Winter is fading away and it is time to pull your golf clubs out of the garage get back onto the course. This is the perfect time to review a few techniques, stretch some unused muscles, and start improving your game for the better. So here are some tips on how you hold your golf club.

Review – Taylormade Tour Burner Rescue

Taylormade Tour Burner Irons are made and engineered to promote the most penetrating of swings. Noted benefits during this review was the light total weight and the light weight shaft. The shallow club face and low center of gravity design makes it very easy for the golfer to maximize the usage and launch high and long.

3 Correct Golf Slice Cures & Practice Drills

Simply put, in order to correct the golf slice you must have a solid foundation and plan of attack. If you’ve been struggling to correct the slice in your swing than these 3 tips will dramatically improve your game.

Golf Distance Now – Swing Techniques

Having trouble finding the flaws in your golf game? Having a hard time perfecting your swing to maximize your power, distance and timing?

Callaway Golf

Golf is considered by many to be a leisure sport. This is what a lot of people do when they have time off. Golf can be relaxing, and it’s possible to get very good in your free time.

How to Select a Golf Ball That is Right For You

You should always do some research before you buy your golf equipment. Just as well you should never overlook the importance of the golf ball. If you’ve played golf much at all, you have seen thousands of different golf balls on the course that are all different in some way.

How to Select the Proper Golfer Equipment

Selecting the correct golf equipment oftentimes is not easy. Golfers often ask what I believe is the best driver, or which shaft they should use. Well, in the realm golf equipment, everyone is unique and has different needs.

How to Select a Shaft For Your Golf Club

The shaft of your club can really hurt your game, especially in your driver. Before you can understand this, you need to comprehend why the ball goes straight or curves after you hit it. When your club face impacts the ball, it should be square, simple as that.

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