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High Quality Putter

As most golfers know, getting to the green is only half the problem. Dropping the ball in the cup is something made much more difficult if you are not using a high quality putter. This is not to say that you need to spend $150-$300 on a putter simply to ensure you are putting well. A less expensive putter can be found that would still be considered high quality.

Transporting Your Golf Clubs

Anyone that does a great deal of golfing can tell you there is nothing worse than a long day transporting your golf clubs. If you spend the day golfing on an 18 hole course, the last thing you are going to want to do is have to lug your heavy golf bag around on your shoulder.

Best Golf Courses in San Diego

It is widely known that some of the best golfing in the country can be found in beautiful California. The county of San Diego boasts over a dozen different courses with a wide variety of landscapes and levels of difficulty. Golfing is a great outing for couples, families, and corporate gatherings. The following are some of the best and most interesting courses throughout San Diego.

The Only Way to Cure the Putting Yips Long Term

The only way to cure the putting yips long term is to dramatically change the way you associate with putting. By changing the emotional qualities that is attached to putting, you can cure your yips and start sinking putts consistently.

Golf Short Game Instruction – Find the Real Problem With Your Golf Game and Fix It

So many of us golfers struggle mightily with trying to lower our scores and our handicaps. We spend endless hours on the range hitting drivers, to the point of exhaustion. We work diligently to prove to ourselves that those new hybrids really are easier to hit than our long irons. We hit ball after ball trying to gain some much needed confidence in our fairway metals.

Improve Your Swing – Play More Consistent Golf

To improve your swing and play more consistent golf is all about fixing the club face. The slice is probably the most common and frustrating fault in golf.

Different Putter Styles For Different Putting Styles

Picking a good putter to match your game is very important. If you don’t feel comfortable with your putter, your score will suffer big time. Putting accounts for more strokes than any other type of shot, so it is of utmost importance to get your putting game down.

Knock it Stiff With Your Wedges

I have been coaching golf for ten years now and have not found many players that have practiced their wedges effectively and efficiently. This area of the game could be one of the easiest to improve in the shortest amount of time.

Golf Tips For Putting

Golf tips for better putting are something every golfer can use when struggling around the green. This article is a tip heard a few years ago that changed my putting.

Fix Your Slice Before You Fix Your Swing

Slicing the ball may not be your swing. Most of what is written about golf ball flight is only partially correct and in many ways adds to the confusion. So it’s important to understand the half truths associated with hitting the golf ball straight.

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