Sharing an Important Perspective // Black Lives Matter

In light of current events, this week I wanted to give my best friend Dani – an incredibly powerful, badass black woman – the platform. While she didn’t feel comfortable being on camera herself, she wrote a statement for me to read sharing her perspective on being black in America.

I encourage all of you to have conversations in the comments, but please keep them RESPECTFUL and make sure to watch the entire video so you can hear everything Dani has to say first. Differing perspectives are okay, but hate speech will not be tolerated.


Events, Petitions, & Charities from #blacklivesmatter:

Anti-Racism Books:

Anti-Racism Movies:

Plus of course, TALK TO PEOPLE! Listen to what they have to say! Have conversations! Get out of your bubble, examine your own biases (we all have them, it’s human nature), and do the work to get better.

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