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Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone – The Key to an Improved Golf Mental Game

Are you presently on your comfort zone when playing golf? Read this article and find out why is it not good to just limit yourself with comfort zones.

How Well Do You Play Golf Without the Ball?

How well do you ‘play’ when you’re not with the ball? In my journey of mental game mastery, I’ve discovered many insights and discoveries along the way. One of those bigger insights is that connection between playing good, consistent golf and how we, as players, organise our thoughts when we AREN’T with the ball.

Improve Your Golf Game by Finding Out What is the Right Equipment

Your golf equipment should be picked with care if you take golf seriously. We will go through the five items of golfing gear you ought to have from the outset.

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How Do Improve My Golf Swing?

An improved golf swing can lead to greater distances, high accuracy and ultimately moving from hole to hole using the least number of strokes. It also means getting greater consistency in your swing because some players have the problem that they can actually make a powerful and accurate swing but their technique means that half the time they make a lousy swing.

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New Golf Putting Instruction

When it comes to putting, most golfers putt well to some degree, but unfortunately most golfers (even tour pros) don’t putt consistently well every time they step onto the golf course. Once you understand what balances a putting stroke, you can walk up to every putt confident that you will make every putt, or at least end up very close to the hole for an easy tap-in if you miss.

How to Clean Your Golf Balls

Golf balls don’t come cheap, especially if you are opting for balls with specialist features. There are so many premium brands out there, so if you’re forking out a little extra for those special golf ball benefits, you need to apply the appropriate care. Here is a quick guide on how to clean your golf balls.

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Best Exercises For Golf

Playing good golf is not just using the woods and irons, but there is a very important physical side to it. Read the article, and find out what else is important.

How to Lower and Improve Your Golf Handicap

When you learn how to lower and improve your golf handicap it also leads to enhancing your overall golf game. But first, you need to understand that your handicap is not the score of a single game.

Play Golf Faster, Without Hurrying

Golf is a game of courtesy. It is the only sport where principles of etiquette are included in the rule book. Good manners are built on thinking of other people, and one of the most courteous things you can do for your playing partners and all the golfers behind you is to keep the game moving. Here are some ways to do it.

Bunker Play – Five Tips to Help You With Your Next Bunker Shot For Duffers

Oh no! Your approach shot has landed in a green side bunker again. Based on the past few attempts you have no confidence you can get it out of the bunker and on the green in one shot. Discover the simple swing and mental techniques you need to make this shot a piece of cake.


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