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Golf Tips – The Simplest Suite of Advice For the Golf Enthusiast

The most crucial factor in hitting the golf ball cleanly and consistently is the ability to get “under” the ball with the front side of the swing. This means contacting the minimum of the swing arc with the target spot on the ball.

How to Hit Longer, Straighter Golf Drives

The development of a new golf swing grip method that gives longer, straighter drives and irons is described. Increased distance and accuracy are achieved by unifying the hands during the golf swing.

Selecting the Right Golf Club For You

Golf club is the stick with which the ball is hit in golf. Just like complete golf equipment, this club is also an expensive item, so it is difficult to find low cost golf equipment easily.

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What Are Clone Golf Clubs?

There’s a popular misconception about clone golf clubs. Many see these as being cheap knock-offs of the big brands like Callaway and Nike and not up to the standards of the big manufacturers. That might be true in some cases, but a set of quality clone golf clubs will play every bit as good as those expensive OEM’s you see in the pro shops.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


Promotional Golf Umbrellas – Perfect For Your Business Big Or Small

Masters Tournament has just begun and the Master Tiger Woods is coming out of the woods to play. This is a lifeline for the PGA which was looking financial disaster in the face. Golf is a multibillion dollar business and a favorite of business executives and powers that be. There is more business promoted and deals consummated on the golf courses than any other places of rendezvous for business decision makers. Many more business executives rely on social networking on the golf courses than on any internet social networking sites.

How Custom Golf Clubs Help Your Game

Golf is essentially a fairly simple game. Hit the ball, find it, hit it again and again till it falls into the hole. Simple concept to learn but it takes a lifetime to master. Arming yourself with a set of custom golf clubs can take some of the guesswork out of your game though.

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Consider Golf Tournament Awards

If you know someone that is looking for a hobby and you are not sure what they can get into then you may want to consider golf. The reason golf is brought up is because it is the one sport that you can do by yourself with another person and with a group. You are able to achieve your own skill and you learn patience.

Respecting the Golfer With Common Sense on the Course

Golf has often been thought of as the sport of kings and this is because primarily due to respecting the golfer with common sense on the course. It is easy for a golfer to lose focus should there be a distraction.

International Appeal of Golf

One of the first things that you will notice about several countries today is the international appeal of golf. This sport is taking off at an alarming rate among young and old people alike. While the rules may be the same, many people from various countries view golf differently.

Consider the Mental Side of Golf

There are many things that you must consider when you are going to take up the game of golf. It is however the mental side of golf that seems to elude players the most at first. Knowing which club to use for which stroke and how hard to hit the ball usually are the first things to understand.


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