Riggs vs Wickenburg Ranch Golf Course, 7th Hole

Mini Golf Design – Build Your Own Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf is a popular game or recreational activity enjoyed by people of every age group. You can build a miniature golf course right in your backyard or garden. You can either hire a golf course designer or make one yourself. Making one on your own is not a very difficult task especially if you are creative enough and believe in doing things differently.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Golf Cart

Golf carts are very versatile forms of transport, may it be on or off the golf course. In the past, it may has been just a luxury, something which was not really given so much attention maybe due to its cost. However, these days, golfers are more aware of the benefits of having golf carts. The number of golfers who chose to have their own golf carts are continuing to rise. You might as well add yourself to the list.

Golf – Holding Your Club Correctly

Learning how to hold a golf club is the first factor in getting the best game of golf. In time, the golf club grips may become overused and lead to you not having the perfect game of golf. Learning to grip your golf club is only possible if you take the time to practice the game.

Golf Swing – Improve Yours Today!

The game of golf is all about having the perfect swing to your golf club. Learning and finding out how you can improve your golf swing will make you succeed better in your game. The golf swing is not just about swinging your golf club any way that you want. You need to have a precise process to your swing that will help you succeed in your game and win a good shot. In perfecting your golf swing, you need to take care of how you hold your golf club.

The Steps To A Better Golf Swing

Coming from personal experience I find that follow through is usually unquestionably essential. For some people this is super difficult. Sometimes you have great follow through and then on the very next shot it all goes south. Whenever I fail to remember to focus on my own follow through I usually wind up with an erratic shot. You can really see this in my game when I am chipping.

Tips to Improve Your Putting – Distance Control

One of the things that I see many amateur golfers struggle with is controlling the distance of their putts. Either they come up 3 or 4 feet short or worse, they run the ball 3, 4 or 5 feet past. Let’s talk about some tips to improve your putting with distance control. The ultimate goal is to make the putt, but unless you have a tap in putt anything can happen.

Golf Cart Accessories – Tips for Purchasing Them

If you own a golfing cart, you could be probably amazed by the different choices that are very accessible and affordable to you. Actually, there are substantial quantities of different kinds of golfing cart accessories or cart parts which may really lift and enhance the cart you have already. Although you are satisfied with the set up and process of the cart, putting up one or two additional accessories can really create a big impact on the comfort and coziness these may bring and the number of times that you would like to use it. This is true regardless if you are out in the course or if you are simply driving nearby the community.

The Tiger and Its Company – Best Golf Players of All Time

The number of people interested in golf, as a sport or as a recreation, is drastically increasing. These people spent a lot of time in courses playing this outdoor sport and buying golf car parts and golf cart accessories to make their carts attractive. Other golf fanatics get hooked on ESPN to watch a good tournament.

A Few Important Unwritten Rules With Golf

Sports are not only about regulations. Better said, they are not all about the regulations everybody knows and the ones that are written in some kind of manual of the game. There are also other important sets of rules, which aren’t necessarily written somewhere, but which are just as important, having to do with common sense and not only. Here are some of them.

What Do You Want Out of Golf?

As you go through your golfing career, it’s a good idea to ask yourself this question every so often: “Why am I doing this? What am I getting out of this?” You should be able to come up with a satisfying answer. But if you can’t, it’s time to reconsider not only what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it.

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