REVASRI Golf Rangefinder with Slope and Flag Pole Lock Vibration, External Slope Switch for Golf Tournament Legal, Rangefinders with Rechargeable Battery 600/1000YDS Laser Range Finder

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golf rangefinder slopegolf rangefinder slope

1000 Yards Golf Range Finder with Built-in Li-ion Battery

All REVASRI laser rangefinders are developed by our talented engineer and produced by our own factory. We’ve been in this field for several years dedicating to develop high performance, user friendly and affordable rangefinder for everyone.


laser rangefinderlaser rangefinder

REVASRI Golf Rangefinder with Slope, Pin-seeker and Vibration

—-Made for Avid Golfers and Beginners

This rangefinder is specially developed for golfers, whatever you are professional golf player or beginner, it’s super easy to use. With 1000 Yards ranging distance and 250 Yards flag lock, you can be confident with your every shot. Otherwise, there is a physical slope switch for tournament legal. You are not bounded using this excellent range finder.


Water droplets in the air may interrupt the transmission of laser to casue inaccuracy of readings, so avoid using it in rainy or foggy day.

Product Highlights: High performance 6.5X 1000 Yards rangefinder with clear bright view Especially designed for golfer with slope, pin-seek and vibration Up to 250 Yards flag lock vibration IPX4 water proof External angle switch 0.5S quick measurement







Long press the “Power” button to enter scanning mode. Aim at the background first and move towards the flag, it will trigger a vibration when the flag is locked. The golf rangefinder can lock a flag up to 250 Yards away.

Slope compensation is one of it’s main features. The rangefinder counts the angle and distance measured then give a recommend yardage to hit. The suggested Yardage displays below the true distance Yardage.

This golf range finder is equiped with a built-in Lithium battery with smart power saving technology. If there is no operation after 30 seconds, the rangefinder will automatically shut down.

Product Specifications:

Ranging Method Semiconductor laser ranging Ranging Distance 5-1000Yards Ranging Accuracy ±1Yard Ranging Display Mode In-view LCD display Exit Pupil Diameter 3.1mm Exit Pupil Distance 12.1mm Working Temperature -20~50℃ Operating Humidity ≤80% Laser Type 905nm(safe to human eyes), Class 1 Power Supply built-in Li-ion battery (3.7V) Focusing Mode Manual Focusing Eyepiece Lens Quality Multilayer Coated Magnification 6.5X Product Size 96*34*67mm

5-1000YDS 5-1000YDS 5-1800YDS 5-1500YDS 5-1800YDS 5-600YDS
6.5X 6.5X 8X 6X 8X 6.5X

Flag Lock


built-in lithium battery built-in lithium battery CR-2 (3v) CR-2 (3v) CR-2 (3v) built-in lithium battery
Yards/Meters Yards/Meters Yards/Meters Feet/Yards/Meters Yards/Meters Yards/Meters
+/- 1 Yard +/- 1 Yard +/- 0.5 Yard +/- 1 Yard +/- 0.5 Yard +/- 1 Yard

[1000YDS Golf Rangefinder]-A cost-effective and excellent rangefinder that provides you angle switch, distance measurement mode, golf distance compensation (recommended hitting distance), flagpole lock and vibration functions. 1000 Yards long distance golfing rangefinder with rechargeable battery.
[Pin Lock Vibration]-When the flagpole overlaps with the background, long press the measurement key to enter the scanning mode. When recognizing the flag, it will lock the flag and trigger vibration and lock the measurement data. In this mode, angle, sight distance and golf compensation distance are displayed. To trigger vibration, you need keep the distance from rangefinder to flag at least 5 meters and to background 10 meters.
[Angle Switch Off for Tournament Legal]-This mode is suitable for tournament. When the angle switch is off, the angle value will not be dispalyed while it still locks the flag and has pulse vibration. In this mode, only line of sight distance(straight line distance) is displayed.
[Easy To Carry and Grip]-Light weight, portable and durable, the size is only 3.8*2.6*1.3 inches and the weight is only 4.3 ounces. It is very suitable for carrying and measuring when playing golf or hunting. The lens is full multilayer coated which can reduce reflected light and give you a clear view.
[Technical Support]-24 hours full-time service, 1 year warranty, lifetime technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and inform your order number and the problem which you met, we will satisfy you with professional technical support., $59.90, $59.90

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