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Golf Caddy – A Short Review

A caddy or caddie is the person who carries the bag and clubs of a golf player. He gives incisive advice and moral support and is aware of the challenges and obstacles of the golf course being played.

Why You Leave Makeable Putts Short – And What to Do About It

The most aggravating mistake in golf is for your 8-foot birdie putt to be tracking right at the hole — and stop six inches short. Now doing that once, well, that’s golf. But if you do that all the time, if you leave strokes on the course like that every time you play, here’s how to get those seven inches that you need.

Sonocaddie V500 Golf GPS Rangefinder

The Sonocaddie V500 proclaims itself to be the Golf GPS rangefinder that does it all and with this hefty claim weighing heavy on its slender shoulders, you might assume that it could easily fail to match expectations. The good news is that the confidence of the manufacturer might be well placed, as this high end device has some very neat tricks up its deceptively demure sleeves and the keen golfer will definitely find their every need met with the Sonocaddie V500 in hand.

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Finding Discount Golf Balls

Finding discount golf balls should be a cinch. The real question is how low and high can the price and discount respectively get. There’s even more to it than that. This article will delve into the questions and issues of golf balls. Golf ball quality, how to determine quality, how this affects your game, the purpose of getting golf balls and whatnot are going to be discussed. After reading this article, you will be able to learn something about golf balls and what kind you should have.

Golf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick


How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Your Golf Club

It’s that sublime moment when you hit the ball right on the money. Your hit is so pure that you can’t even feel the ball and clubface make contact and the ball just rockets off high and far and you can’t believe it was you who did it. It’s golf’s peak experience. Want to do it all the time? Here’s how.

Torquing Your Golf Swing

Are you having problems with distance in your golf swing. Check this article out. You may find a solution to your problems.

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What Exactly is Involved in Golf Fitness Training?

Golf fitness training is a set of exercises that targets the muscles most used during a game of golf. You don’t have to pump weights at the gym 7 days a week to keep your fitness levels up, but obviously the more you put into your fitness levels during the off season, the sooner you can perform at your best fitness level when the season rolls around again.

Top Tips for Pin Seekers and Holes in One at Golf

Many golfers will have dreamt of the day that they take that perfect shot, the wind is just right, the grass at the right length and their swing picture perfect. To top the shot off it lands with a bounce and a roll into the hole – a hole in one, the holy grail of golf.

Teeing Off – The Proper Way to Begin Your Games of Golf

Beginning a game of golf is known as “Teeing off” as this refers to the tee which is the box or area where you take your tee shots from. On some courses these can be clearly marked with wooden borders creating a box effect but some more prestigious courses have a larger grass area with three markers that show where beginners and professionals should tee off from, sometimes there is a marker for women too.

Newbies Guide to Purchasing Golf Clubs Online

When purchasing on the internet you will find a wide variety of websites that offer many different types of clubs. They offer many brands of woods, irons, putters and wedges to choose from. When your new to the game of golf, equiping yourself is a difficult task without a little help.The best advice is to consult an experienced golfer or a golf professional if possible.


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