Pro V1 2018 AAAA/Near Mint Recycled (Used) Golf Balls

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AAAA/Near Mint: Near mint recycled golf ball will have slightly noticeable imperfections, generally how a new ball would look after 1-3 holes of golf and will include scuff marks. There may be slight discoloration and minor cosmetic blemishes, which does not compromise the flight characteristics of the golf ball. These balls will include small player(sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logo’s. These balls will not include X-OUT or Practice.
Pack of Pro V1 2017/2018 Golf Balls
These are USED Golf Balls, NOT Refurbished.
AAAA/Near Mint Condition -See product description for details.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
List Price: $48.49

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