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Hit the Front of the Golf Ball

One thing you hear from time to time is that instead of hitting the golf ball, you should swing and let the golf ball get in the way. Nevertheless, you’re looking at the ball all the time during your swing. How do you get your mind off hitting the ball instead of swinging at it? Easy. Think about hitting the front of the ball.

Finding Your Own Individual Golf Swing

The new golfer always wants to know how to get that perfect swing that is held by some of the best golfers such as Tiger Woods and other professional golfers. As a beginner you should know that all great tournament and low handicaps players have learned the proper swing from a swing coach.

Determining the Aerodynamics of a Ball

In golf, the golfer must play around with many things in order to get a perspective on certain playing styles. One of the things the golfer must do is to find a good air to ball ratio so they have an idea of the air that they are putting under the ball.

If You’re Missing Too Many Putts, Check Your Putter

The putt is dead level. Your alignment is perfect. You’ve honed your stroke. And you miss.

How to Understand Golf

The sport of golf is one that is often misunderstood. This misunderstanding causes an aversion in many against golf, however, that is not the case. Golf is an amazing game.

MacDonald Smith

Back in an era when golf was just emerging as a major international sport, MacDonald Smith rode his strong pedigree, competitive spirit and smooth swing to become a top professional golfer in the early part of the 20th century. At the age of 20, he won the Western Open just two years after turning professional – as a result, he earned a reputation for a fierce competitive as well as a gentle spirit.

Golf Swing Instruction For the Beginning Golfer

There is a special statistics about golf that can put you into amazement! Golfers generally learn golf by imitating someone who is already an established professional.

Golf – Why Most Golf Swings Are Inconsistent

Ask almost any golfer what they would like to improve on and they will say they would like to have a more consistent swing. That’s a great goal. What they don’t realize is that they already have a consistent swing. It’s just one that delivers inconsistent results.

Tom Watson

Born in Kansas City to humble origins, Thomas Sturges Watson grew up in Stillwell and built a reputation as one of the area’s most promising youth golfers. After honing his game in the area, he went on to play golf at Stanford, one of the nation’s leading collegiate teams.

Horton Smith

Emerging from the small town of Springfield, Missouri Horton Smith rose to the great heights of professional golf in the 1920s. After attending college at the State Teacher’s College in Missouri, his talents earned him the nickname as the “Joplin Ghost” for playing stellar golf at a local club.

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