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Golfers – Trust Your Swing

The pros say to trust your swing. Just address the ball and swing away. Do you do that? Really?

Thinking About Taking Up Golf – Work On The Basics First

It’s amazing how many people take up the game of golf every year, the game is becoming more and more popular with the extra coverage it receives on television along with the different personalities that play the game. The great thing about it is that all types of people can play the game and it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old when you decide to give it a try, anyone can play.

How to Hit Your Driver Straight

Discover the simple tips to hitting your driver straight down the fairway, leaving you in the perfect position for your next shot. Learn the tried and tested methods for a clean, crisp connection that will help to knock 7-10 shots off your next round.

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Who Will Win The Fed Ex Cup?

All bets are off as to who will win the Fed Ex Cup this year. With Tiger Seemingly out of contention and Phil struggling who is left? Well these are my thoughts.

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Golf Fitness Exercises for the Senior Player

Golf fitness exercises can be extremely beneficial for the senior golfer. Unfortunately, the aging process lowers our levels of flexibility, muscular strength, and power. All of which are necessary for an efficient golf swing. Learn how golf fitness exercises can assist in returning your levels of flexibility, strength, and power for a more efficient and powerful golf swing.

The Biggest Golf Error of All – The Hook

One of the biggest errors in golf is the HOOK whether a snap, a smother it is the most destructive shot in golf. This low, top spin, right to left shot has been a thorn in my side for years so lets look at causes and simple fixes.

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Quick Grip Has Lowered My Scores!

I’ve been experimenting with new golf products my whole life. None, however, can compare to a product called Quick Grip. This product solves such a simple problem faced by many golfers, club slipping and over-gripping.

Practice vs Warming Up

Trying to practice as you warm up generally will turn a round of golf into a round of ‘golf swing’, where you are more focused on your swing and not the game. I would submit to you, in either case that you are trying to force your swing motion, creating tension, throwing you out of sync, making feel nonexistent.

The Mechanics of the Short Game

The short game as well as putting are the least practised part of the game, but the most important for lowering your score. This article outlines the techniques you need to lower your score.

Why Putting Instruction Is Important for Women Golfers

Of all the other factors that are involved in a game of golf, the art of putting is one that is most sought after. Putting is absolutely necessary for all those who play the sport for pure enjoyment but nevertheless wish to attain mastery over it.


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