Pettit Invitational Golf Tournament 2007 : Golden Horseshoe (Green Course)

Increase Your Golf Driver Distance by 50 Yards – A Simple But Proven Solution

If you asked most golfers what they would most like to improve on the most common answer would be to distance. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a fantastic feeling when you make a successful drive. The truth is most people can easily increase their driver distance by focusing on one simple thing.

Extra Wide Golf Shoes – When Comfort is Key

Comfort is a major consideration whenever you go shopping for a pair of golf shoes. This aspect is more important than the look, durability and price of a golf shoe. If a pair of golf shoes is not comfortable enough, it may ruin your entire game. You may not be able to swing correctly and you could miss the ball because you slipped an inch to the left or right before hitting the ball. When playing golf, you are on your feet the entire day and an uncomfortable pair of golf shoes could have you cutting the day short or even taking a rain cheque because of blisters, tightness and no support.

Golf Driver Swing Tips – One Simple Solution For Massive Drives!

Just imagine for a moment stepping out onto the first tee and making a massive 300 yard drive. How good would that feel? Most people think there are some special techniques that can help you make the super long drives. The truth is, there are. However there is one simple tip that anyone can use to improve their driving distance.

Golf – Driving the Ball Long, Really Long!

If you could improve one part of your game, what would it be? Most people want to be able to drive the ball longer.

Electric Golf Trolleys – Changing the Game As Never Before

There was a time when a major part of a golf game involved walking long distances pulling the trolley or carrying the clubs on your shoulders. Well, not anymore. The electric golf trolley which is slowly replacing the normal one has made the game all the more fun as it reduces your effort and thus saves your energy.

Craig Wood

Take one glance at Craig Wood’s track record in golf, and you’ll wonder why he isn’t as well known as some of the other greats of the game. During the golden era of American golf, Craig Wood stood as one of the most prominent PGA professionals, dominating both domestic and international play.

Francis Ouimet

In an era when cross-Atlantic political relationships were just becoming solidified, Francis Ouimet become a ambassador for the base overseas, serving as the first American elected to the Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews. Known for his unique approach to the game, Ouimet united his French origins with a strictly American approach to the game to build bridges as golf become an international sport.

Keep Your Elbows Together During Your Golf Swing

Here’s a little tweak that will improve your ball-striking immensely. It’s easy to do, takes just a little adjusting to, and you will be amazed at the improvement you get right away.

5 Tips For Beginning Golfers

Golf has been loved for centuries. The game may seem simple, but don’t be fooled. The mastery of technique comes in the details.

How Women’s Golf Fashion Has Changed Over the Years

When golf first became popular with women in the 1800s, the Victorian Age ruled the earth as well as the golf course. Conventional Victorian fashion of the time had lady golfers dressed like they were going to an afternoon tea.

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