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How to Prepare For a Women’s Golf Tournament

It is almost every female golfer’s dream to enter a women’s golf tournament. Plenty of female have attained worldwide fame by showing excellent performance in women’s golf tournaments. If you have not been in one yet, but are planning to play in a tournament someday, then you must do all the necessary preparations to ensure success.

Finding the Women’s Golf Club That’s Right For You

In a male-dominated sport like golf, a female player needs to have all the advantages she can possibly get. One contributing factor to a female golfer’s success on the course is the use of the right women’s golf equipment, more particularly the right women’s golf club.

What Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use?

Like any other sports, golf requires that you are geared up correctly to be able to properly play the game. Tiger Woods uses the best clubs available for his specific style of play, most likely his choice will be a Nike Product. Nike has proto types that they design just for Tiger Woods to use and what ever little tweaks Tiger gives these clubs is unknown to us mere mortals.

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Nine Bridges Gets My Vote For Korea’s Top Golf Course

In a quest to find Asia’s Top 3 golf courses, this 18 hole Korean beauty is a worthy contender for it incorporates 18 signature holes. All set within the charming Jeju island.

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Some Essential Women’s Golf Equipment

Every female golf enthusiast knows that it takes more than just skills to win a game of golf, it also involves the use of women’s golf equipment that are suited to fit a player’s needs. A female golfer can choose to pack her golf bag with all golfing equipment and accessories, but there are only a few items that a player really needs to win a game.

Psychology in Golf – The Pre Shot Routine

A pre shot routine is primarily used to relax you, and focus your mind to the task at hand. It incorporates relaxation techniques and visualisation methods in order to achieve this goal. Successful use of the pre shot routine will result in improved shots and a far more fulfilling round of golf.

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Golf Swing Speed – Superior Strength and Conditioning For Golf in One Exercise!

Are you a golfer looking for the best way to improve your golf swing speed? If so then permit yourself a minute to read about the best golf swing speed exercise you can do for your game right here!

Lower Your Golf Score With Golf Course Management

A wise man once told me that good course management on a golf course will help shave strokes off your game. The only problem was when my father was teaching me this lesson I was still young and dumb and wanted stand over the ball and hit is as hard and as far as I could.

Driving Tips For New Golfers

One of the biggest problems with novice golfers as they try to drive down the fairway is that they do not transfer their weight. In order to transfer weight properly, practice taking a step after your golf swing. Bringing your back foot forward will make sure that all your weight is on the front foot.

Woods Or Irons? How About Both – Hybrid Golf Clubs

Golf clubs can be categorized into two major types: the wood club and the iron club.Β  Woods are generally used for fairway shots or for teeing off across long distances.


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